The state’s lawyers had called Johnson & Johnson an opioid “kingpin” and argued that its marketing efforts created a public nuisance as doctors over-prescribed the drugs, leading to a surge in overdose deaths in Oklahoma. … The opioid crisis is an imminent danger and menace to Oklahomans,” he said in his ruling. Around 1843 China had an Opium crisis, picking up Bodies off the Streets was a full-time job. In the Seventies People were dropping dead from bad Heorine in my Neighborhood of the Bronx. It was not a pretty sight seeing some of my classmates coming to School




The state’s lawyers had called Johnson & Johnson an opioid “kingpin” and argued that its marketing efforts created a public nuisance as doctors over-prescribed the drugs, leading to a surge in overdose deaths in Oklahoma. … The opioid crisis is an imminent danger and menace to Oklahomans,” he said in his ruling. Around 1843 China had an Opium crisis, picking up Bodies off the Streets was a full-time job. In the Seventies People were dropping dead from bad Heorine in my Neighborhood of the Bronx. It was not a pretty sight seeing some of my classmates coming to School looking like Zombies. I was seventeen working part-time after school in a Restaurant. One day one of my coworker stumbled out of the Bathroom spitting up what appears to be Organs and died in my arms, only seventeen himself.

During that time I was a Connoisseur of the finest Marijuana grown around the World. My connection was the Juvenile Brother of an Airline Employee, he also had access to Cocaine. They say Marijuana is a Gateway Drug, lucky me I never progressed to Chemicals. God has always looked out for me. For some reason we never did any Coke or all the other stuff readily available. Also one of my codes in life were to learn from other people’s mistakes, Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix deaths thought me well. One day my friend and I went to a party, what I observed at that party steered me away from hard Drugs. In this Bedroom was four College kids, it appears that someone had dropped the Nose Candy on the floor. The floor was carpeted, all four Boys were on their knees snorting the Coke from the thick Carpet.

If I had any inclination of trying Coke that event cured me. That is why I can’t understand what is wrong with People following the footsteps of others right into the Grave. It’s as if no One learns from History, a Drug Crisis occurs does its damage, goes docile then resurge. Nineteen seventy five while working for a major Corporation one day a Coworker approached me with two Tabs of LSD, he said that one was for me, I declined his offer. The following day he told me that he took three-quarters of one, ten days later he was having Flashbacks. A short while later here I am reading in the Newspaper that someone was shot and killed in his Apartment. The Police Report didn’t disclose the circumstances but in my Mind’s Eye I see a bunch of Stoners playing with a Gun.

My friend lived in an Affluent Apartment Building in Riverdale where he had invited me many times. As I have said before the Angels have always had my Back. Growing up in the seventies was an absolute challenge for someone like me I loved Rock Concerts and Weed. The only problem with taking a Hit from someone’s Joint was that you never know what that person put in their Weed. Once I was given a Joint, went home and smoked half of it, all by my lonesome I was cooking Chicken. Stoned as a Jaybird without rationality, the fire was too high, just like me. The Grease was popping flames, I was too stoned to see the impending danger. The Kitchen Curtains caught fire and started to spread.

This was Cheech and Chong all over again, instead of trying to put the fire out I found the situation absolutely Hilarious. If a friend had not ring the Doorbell I probably would have burned the Building to the Ground. The next day I asked my Coworker about the extremely potent Joint, he told me that it was laced with Angel dust, a powerful Hallucinogenic it is One of the scariest Drug out there, it can cause Death from one use without overdosing. If someone offers this Drug they aren’t looking out for your best interest. Looking back my problem was that I was too congenial, I knew too many people. In one of my earlier Blogs I wrote about Blue Bottom. Blue Bottom is one of the most beautiful of my secret places in the world, nestled in the Poccono Mountains.

It’s a man-made Dam at the bottom of a one mile Gorge with treacherous Terrain to access. Story told that in the seventies a bunch of Flower Children (Hippies) made this their Home, camping out for a long period of time. One day someone passed out a lot of LSD. One of the Campers didn’t handle it well, he pulled a Gun and shot up the Camp killing several of his fellow Campers. In the Blog I warned of Drug interdiction. We all handle Chemicals differently. Not knowing a particular Drug’s interdiction could kill you. Years later I was given my Mother’s Power of Attorney. My Mother didn’t give it to my older Brother. She gave me her Power of Attorney because she knew that I was Street Smart. Shortly after assuming my responsibility I decided to research her 💊 Medications.

As the saying goes reading is fundamentall, I obtained a Book on Pharmaceuticals and Drug interdictions. I took a couple of her Pills from the Cabinet and started reading about their interdictions, just about all of them warned of possible death wrongly taken. Other than death the damages were astounding. One of her Pills made the Headlines for killing a large number of People or permanent Damage. I was now on a mission, I called her Pharmacy and requested a printout of all her Drugs prescribed in one year. What the Prescription History told me made a Skeptic of me for the Medical Community and the Pharmaceutical Companies for the rest of my Life.

In one year her Insurance was Billed over one hundred and sixty thousand Dollars for Prescription Drugs. Her Doctor was a Drug Dealer for the Pharmaceutical Companies. He was in their Pockets prescribing Drugs that she didn’t need some were deadly. I immediately switched Doctors and warned the new Doctor that I was willing to exhaust my Power of Attorney. I instructed him to take her off ninety percent of the Drugs she was talking. Her Health got better, she lived twenty years longer than anyone would have thought. The Oklahoma Attorney General is on the right track. Pharmaceutical Companies have been given a free Reign for far too long. It is time to hold them accountable for friviously flooding the Streets with their products.

On the other hand people need to check themselves by learning from other people’s mistakes. Millions of Ginipigs have gone ahead of you, following their destructive path makes you a Fool. Four years ago I had minor Surgery which lasted less than half an hour. Once again I realized that Doctors and Pharmaceutical Companies are the biggest Drug Dealers, I left my Surgeon’s office with a Prescription for thirty Oxi, for a twenty minutes cosmetic surgery, if I had taken ten of them I would have a Monkey on my Back. They need to be held accountable, the Kingpins don’t all come from Columbia and their names aren’t Pablo.

P.S.  The trouble with you is, you’ve got two eyes but you refuse to see. The trouble with me is that I’ve been there, done that and seen that.

Life, Safe Driving

Student Driver



Not having one Accident charged to you covering in excess of one million miles with a Star printed on your Drivers License is an accomplishment in itself. The Star indicates to the Officer pulling me over that I am a safe Driver. By Driving in all kinds of Weather with all kinds of Drivers for fifty years have given me the confidence to be relaxed under all circumstances. My Driving Instructor told me to always look out for the other Guy, I am never concerned about me having an Accident. On the other hand I am always anticipating bad Drivers, to the point of knowing their moves before they make them. It is tough being vigilant all the time, but that’s how you avoid accidents. My Driving Instructor told me to always Drive like I am the only one out there that knows what I am doing. I followed his advice from Day one of getting my License, and that is what has brought us to this point. When I consider stop writing Blogs about safe Driving I remembered this Nurse I met in Pennsylvania. She was in her thirties, she never had a Driver’s License and told me that she never would own one. Curiously I inquired why, she explained that there were too many bad Drivers on the Roadways and that she never would be comfortable behind the Wheel. I promised her that I would teach her to Drive and to be comfortable behind the Wheel. That never happened because I moved to Florida within the year.



Incidentally I thought my Wife to Drive thirty seven years ago. The night before her Road test I took her on the Highway to give her confidence, so she could be relaxed behind the Wheel, the Road Test was nothing compared to the rigorous training passed down from my Driving Instructor. She also have no Accident charged to Her. She was very fortunate to have me teaching her everything my Driving Instructor thought me. Most People weren’t fortunate to have my Driving Instructor. He told me that whenever I got behind I should loose the Attitudes including the Childish ones thinking that Driving is a game. He said that if there was something consuming your thoughts, whenever you get behind the wheel put them on the Backburner. This Man had insights, thirty years before bad behavior behind the Wheel was given a name, he told me the importance of courtesy.



He said that having a Bad Attitude behind the Wheel can get you killed, Hence Road Rage is born. The only attitude I have behind the Wheel is, I treat them all as if they were Student Drivers. There are many good Student Drivers out there, I was one. I am in no way undermining someone learning to Drive. However I Abhor People who Drives that way all their lives. I learned quickly so my Instructor had no anxieties and so spending time to indoctrinate me about the Road and how to stay alive. By treating each Vehicle I approach like the Operator was a Student Driver have saved my Life many times. You can’t go blazing through City Streets and intersection, even if you have the right of way. The couple of seconds it takes to take your foot off the Gas and cover your Brakes is well worth your Life.




The Streets in lower Manhattan is old and poorly designed, danger lurks at each Intersection. One day I approach this particular intersection where I could not see five feet of the opposing Traffic. When that occurrs you treat the intersection like a Roundabout, the Driver to the right has the right of way. At this perilous Intersection I decided to give up my right of way, count to ten then continue with the right of way. Within that ten seconds a Truck ran the Stop Sign taking away my right of way and almost my Life. Lesson learned, treat all Intersection with caution and respect. This is why I treat them all like Children/ Student Driver, always expect them to do the wrong things,  back off and give them Room to burn themselves out, and that is exactly what you do with Road Rage Idiots.




Bad Driving is an Epidemic, Defensive Driving saves Lives. The Highway Fatalities statistics are high in my Neck of the Woods. Each and every time I get behind the wheel for my one hour Commute, making it from point A to point B without a scratch is my only objective. I am never late or in a hurry, Zipping through congested areas is a Fools way of Traveling. I save my Speed for the Highway at three A.M. My car does 170, I have taken it halfway to blow out the Cobwebs and that’s far as it will ever go. Us 19 is my Main Drag, it’s posted 45 and 55 , yet many People have taken lives and lost their Lives doing 100. Do you still wonder why I treat my fellow Drivers with such Skepticism that they aren’t going to do the right thing.




Many of them are like little Kids in an Adult Body unable to make Rational Decisions especially when it comes to Driving. Today while going to work I noticed a Woman combining her Hair while weaving the Traffic twenty MPH over the speed limit. Getting up a half an Hour won’t kill you, chasing that lost time will kill you and others. If she had gone to Driving School I am quite sure that her Instructor would have told her that Multitasking behind the Wheel is a Fool’s way of operating a Vehicle.



This short Video shows exactly why I treat my fellow Drivers like Student Drivers. Twelve O’clock at night wide open Road, four cars on the Road and there is a Traffic congestion. The three cars in front of me occupied all three lanes and are driving at the same speed. The speed limit is 45 and neither was smart enough to take the lead of chose to follow. In Rush Hour this type of mindless driving sets up accident by People squeezing them to get through. Treating them like Student Drivers I waited patiently instead of blowing my Horn and bringing out the Road Rage Beast. After one mile of waiting for an opening I passed them safely. Once I make the lead I always travel ten MPH Over the speed limit to avoid people who travel like Sheep. Unsurprisingly one of the Sheep picked up the Chase and followed me closely for the next twenty miles, then passed me at twenty MPH over the speed limit. Other than driving like Student Drivers, they drive with piss poor attitudes that they are not supposed to be passed. This is the same Idiot who was doing 45 on an open Road, I detected an Attitude and another Road Rage Monster. If this can happen 12 O’clock at night imagine how many Student Drivers with bad attitudes are out there at 8 A.M. finally, the life you save may be your own, stay away from people who drives like Student Drivers with bad attitudes. Space yourself properly until it is safe to pass them. Once I am in the lead I accelerate to ten MPH beyond the speed limit to leave the clutter behind. And that is how I managed to Drive over a million miles with no Accidents, by not being part of the problem.


Insanity! Doing the same thing over and again, each time looking for different results ( Albert Einstein)