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The “Hidden Scars”of Careless Driving — Saguache Today

After Driving Commercially for many years, my hidden Scars are so deep, many Nights I have Nightmares. That’s why when I chose to stop Blogging about everything else, I will never stop Blogging about Safe Driving. Or whenever I come across Gut-wrenching Articles about Safe Driving to reblog them.  One of my reoccurring Nightmares occurred over forty years ago. It was early Winter, Daytime Weather was deceptive. Once the Sun disappeared the Temperature dropped dramatically. Six O’clock you knew it was Winter.
I was Traveling a configuration of Traffic where the Long Island Expressway intersects the Vanwycke Expressway. It was raining lightly, Icing was developing on the Roadway. A careless Driving Driving a Jaguar crossed six Lanes of Traffic, cut me off within one car-length, then took his foot off the gas. In order not to rear end him, with the touch of a Feather I veered slightly away from him. The Road was so Slick I lost control. I sideswiped five other Vehicles, spun around five or six times, ripped up twenty five yards of Guardrail, crashed through the Guardrail into the opposing Lanes and got Nailed by the first Car in the speed Lane. The Car was Totaled, but the Nightmares had just begun. Every Day I am out there I see Mindless People thinking that Driving is big Fun until Lives are lost, then they start acting Remorseful. Save your Remorse for Confessions and show a little consideration for Life.

By Trooper Gary Cutler, Colorado State Patrol Each month I usually write about topics to help you and your families stay safe on the roadways. This month I would like to touch on why that is so important. There is a hidden scar that goes on under the radar of public perception. So this time, […]

The “Hidden Scars”of Careless Driving — Saguache Today
Safe Driving

Distracted Driving

I have been Driving for fifty years and I never realized how Dangerous Distracted Driving was. Over( 20,000) Thousand People loose their Lives Yearly. I am a Driving Enthusiast who enjoy Driving 1100 miles one way but after connecting to the Link below and watching the Video, I am just about ready to quit Driving or get a five Ton Vehicle to protect myself from People using their Androids at 65 MPH. On the Video link below over 150 people caught on Camera using their Cells on a Roadway where the average speed is 70 MPH.


Please click on the link below, watch the Video and let me know if I am Paranoid for no reason.


To Your own Self Be Real



Pretending can consume an entire life, it started when we are children, we play house she was the mama you were the papa, you were the bad guy I was the good guy. fine and dandy what else are kids going to do but emulate others, the sad part is it never ends. Everybody wants to look like someone else, be someone else and Act like who they aren’t. Originality, Individuality and genuineness is a rarity. Now you reach adolescent and the pretense grows into juvenile delinquent because you are pretending that you are cool and you know everything. Still it doesn’t end, a cool teenager who knows everything is dangerous to themselves and others. You haven’t walk a mile in the real World, yet you Strut like a Peacock. Puberty is coming to an end and pretending to be a man is the ultimate pretense. You can make Babies, but a real man stands up to his responsibilities and stands by his woman, sometimes to the end.


Now you are a player you pretend to be someone  trustworthy and caring, while you pretend with the concubine that you are serious about them, while your eyes are glued on their girlfriends. So far nothing about you is real, you deceive your parents by undermining their wisdom,  those who live lifestyles you should avoid, you emulate pretending to be them.( cats in the cradle, I’m going to be just like you Dad) a deserter and an abuser. Where does the pretending ends, it doesn’t, you pretend to do better than your means hocked to your eyeballs keeping up with the Kardashian pretending to live a picture perfect lifestyle even though you know it’s only Hollywood life, make believe. Your reality is far from the Truth, My God will the real you please stand up.

The rest of your life you continue the Sham that you are better than your fellow man while you pretend to believe in God and is quick to kill to make a point. You profess your Love only to end in deceit, you take a Job to serve the Public, only to have them serve your pretentious and deceptive ideals. You pretends  to serve God but the Devil is your master ( many will profess my name) I once knew a Preacher and a Deacon who bragged of their conquest among the Congregation. Years ago a church going God fearing man killed his wife and his Minister, I wonder how long he endured the deception before he lost his way. Even since childhood when I was not worthy of being a Christian Woman’s child I never pretended to be an Angel, I left that to the Hypocrites.


When I grew to be a Man I chose to be Real, I did  unto others and expected likewise, I commanded respect for who and what I portrayed myself to be. I chose one Woman and over thirty seven years I stayed the course, never once unfaithful. When you tell lies, each time you try to cover your tracks you dig a deeper Hole. After a while the broken hearts, broken minds, spirits and souls you put in that hole forms a mound to the high Heaven’s. To survive in a world of deception you need to read more than just print, body language is highly underrated. In High School one of my English Literature Teacher constantly challenged me to tell her what is the Author not saying, she taught me how to live in a deceptive World. Knowing how to read what someone isn’t saying can guide you through the Quicksand of Deception.


Later on in life I once told my supervisor that I could spot a slacker one mile in the Fog, she didn’t believe me. She got promoted to regional manager and was fired in six months. If you can read body language it becomes your Lighthouse in a storm of deception. Something I read one the subject goes, it is important to understand the role that deception plays in our emotional lives,  because it impedes self understanding and the formation of justified beliefs about ourselves, others and the world as a whole. Deception inhibits our attempt to become more reflective in our understanding, clarifying and evaluating our emotions. Self deception and willful ignorance pose a serious impediment to reflective cognitive affective and conative growth. It also inhibits our attempt to make more reflective evaluations of our institutions, social practices and ideologies that shape and are shaped by our self interpretations. Meaning that deception screws you up and all around you. In the end I say live the life and be proud of what you are.

Life, Safe Driving

The Finer Moments In Life

Driving isn’t about racing your Vehicle through City Streets. It’s not about smashing a fine Technologically crafted Vehicle sending it to the Junkyard. It’s about going places so far and remotely located, you ordinarily would not find. Places where you can unwind and recoil from a stressful week. Places to be creative, places to find yourself. Driving isn’t the place to give in to your flight of fancies and become a Bobblehead.



It’s a place to be your very best at all times, knowing that there are People out there that doesn’t give a Plugged Nickel about their Lives or yours. In my Neck of the Woods Tampa Florida I am absolutely sickened by the Fatalities caused by Careless and Reckless Driving. It appears that within a thirty miles radius there is at least one Fatality daily. Pedestrians mowed down, Bicyclists who didn’t make it back home, Motorcyclists mangled and Gifted young people changed for Life.



What are these People thinking, racing two thousand pounds of Steel through City Streets like their name was Dale. There is no other areas in life where Stupidity Rules than our Roadways. Two days ago a young Man seventeen or eighteen years old, he was a gifted Student and an Athlete with great potentials. From the Video I saw he was traveling a little to fast when he approached the intersection. For him it was a simple veering off to the right, to his left someone waiting to make a left turn misjudged his speed and took the left turn.


The Collision sent his car airborne flipping six or seven times. Now he is laying in a Hospital Bed in critical condition. This young man had the Face to sell products on Television, not anymore. If he had taken his Driving as seriously as I have been Preaching, he would have noticed the anxious Driver to his left, catastrophe avoided. I respect and enjoy life passionately, so every time I get behind the wheel, my Mind automatically goes in defense mode. I leave nothing to chances and your good senses.



I drive like someone navigating the Rapids, always looking for Rocks and drop off. I have been driving like that for over fifty years with great succes, with two accidents That weren’t my fault, no one injured or killed. My Driving Instructor told me to always drive like I am the only one out there that knows what I am doing. It has worked for me, it takes a special Mindfulness when you are behind the wheel. Always looking out for the other Guy is a way of life when you are behind the wheel.