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The Other Guy

Roadside Grave

People don’t take my Safe Driving Blogs seriously, you know why? everyone is smitten by Complacency. Everyone is satisfied with their skill level even when it’s poor. Can you imagine a Surgeon or a Pilot with the same mindset. An Alcoholic could be laying on the Ground, yet you can’t tell him that there is a Problem, same with Bad Drivers, they live on a Wing and a Prayer. So the rest of us inherit the job of always looking out for them. I would rather speak on any other subject but It always come back home to safe Driving. The reason for that is I live in Tampa where there is an Epidemic of bad Drivers. The Statestics for three years ago is seven Million reported accidents, Fatalities are astronomical. While thinking about how insignificant life is to these People, my Mind reflected back to  Christmas  Eve 2007. We were working for Maui Corporation, the Company showed their appreciation by giving us a Christmas Party with Raffles, good Food Dancing and Festivities. We were having a good time, then in a flash the party was over, tragedy came by way of a Phone call. One of my Coworkers a young Husband and Father, got the very worst News. His Wife who was on her Way to the Christmas Party to show off the Baby ran off the Road and hit a Tree. The Infant and Mother were Ejected from the Vehicle, she didn’t Survive, the Lord looked out for the Baby. Do you still wonder why I picked such a hard Topic such as Safe Driving to always be Bellowing about. The Bad Accidents that I have seen is enough to scare me straight. What I am trying to do do is Graft my Driving Nightmares into you, So that every time you get behind the wheel you act as I do, Safety first always.

The World’s Greatest DaredevilThe World's Greatest Daredevil

Every time I get behind the Wheel, two things my Driving Instructor told me resonates in my Mind. Drive like you are the only one out there that knows what you are doing, free your Mind of all distractions including your childlike behaviors. I always check my Mirrors, I listen to the Motor for any sounds other than the Lifters ticking like a Timex, also the very first Squeeking from the Brakes, they gets replaced. When I shift from park the tug should be no more than a tap on the Shoulders, more than that You should have your Brakes and Transmission checked. That is the difference between a Vehicle Operator, a Driver and a Motorist. A Motorist knows the Vehicle’s Limitations. A Trucker will only call you a Driver if you put in long Hours behind the Wheel and Exercise the utmost of safety in handling of the Vehicle.

A Motorist goes one step further, he has respect for his Vehicle and the Lives around him, he operates his Vehicle safely every time he is behind the Wheel, no Deviation. Whether he is going to the Corner Store or Cross Country, Safety is always first and Foremost. August 2019 I used a couple of my Vacation Days to take a Road Trip from Florida to South Carolina. Remember what I said about Complacency, it is Written in the Stone composition of the Median Walls up and down I-95. I saw People who struggled with a fifteen minutes commute out there driving the same way they Drove back and forth to Work, in a mindless Trance doing 100MPH, or better. The Old Adage give them a Yard must have been written for Speed Limits. If it says forty five, sixty is the norm, so what about seventy.

I travel at Trucker’s speed no more than ten to twelve MPH Over the speed limit. Yet inexperienced young Drivers and old Fools were blowing my Doors off like I was standing still. At 100MPH if a Mishap occurs there are few counter measures that can save your Life before you hit that Median Wall, where  Complacency and recklessness lands  you. The same Complacency that you never try to improve since the first Day you Drove without an Instructor in the Passenger Seat. If the DMV Employee who passed you had secretly placed a Dash cam in the Vehicle for twenty four Hours to see how you actually Drove, a Drivers License would never have be issued to you. The only reason he issued one to you is, for that half an Hour he observed you during the Road Test, you exhibited the basic skills necessary for the operation of a Vehicle.

Noticed the word Operation, that makes you a Vehicle Operator, not a Driver. It takes years of safe operation of a Vehicle before you become a Driver and many years of Contentious Safe Driving before you are considered a Motorist. So why does the majority of Operators think that they are Racecar Drivers until they drive themselves smack into that Median, the same one that Complacency never showed them. Or do 120 to catch up to me, then sit in my Blind Spot until I change Lanes unwittingly that you are there, and we both Roll and burst in Flames. I have been Driving for over fifty years and had one Roll over, a Commercial Truck that I intentionally Rolled to save Lives. On my way to Deliver Building Materials to a Construction Jobsite at the top of a ninety Degree hill climb, the Truck made it to the top grudgingly. On the way back down the first time I applied the Brakes I realized that this was going to be a Ride from Hell. The Truck was equipped with Air Brakes that wasn’t working.

As soon as I realized that the Compressor wasn’t working I started pumping the Brakes frantically, to no avail.  I then dug deep into my bag of Skills, first I hit a Medium Sized Tree to slow me down, that didn’t work, I took the Tree from its Roots and kept going. I knew that I had to stop the Truck before I made it to the foot of the Hill where a busy Intersection awaits. I deliberately slammed into the high Dirt Mound to further slow the Vehicle down, it worked. Approaching the Intersection the Brakes had further deteriorated from no Air being supplied to the Tank. My last and only resort from causing Calamities at the Intersection was to crash through a Fence into someone’s Yard and Flip the Truck. It came to a stop on it’s side ten feet from the House, a ten years old Child watched it all from the Window that the Truck was heading for. This is why I write Blogs about safe Driving, to let you know that even Dale Earnhardt can run into situations behind the Wheel That can and will take your Life. Knowing that, why would I ever in fifty years of Driving in all kinds of Weather treat my Driving Skills with Complacency. Every time I get behind the Wheel is a new opportunity to sharpen my Driving Skills and not to act like an eighteen years old spoiled rotten Kid. If there is only one thing that I have Learned in sixty seven years of living is, with Complacency there is no Motivation to Excel.

Two years out of High School my second Job was working in the Mailroom of US Plywood Corporate Office. Back then USP was a Major Conglomerate, it was one of those Companies where you could start in the Mailroom and work your way to the Top. It was there that I met Charlie, he left an Impression on me for the rest of my Life. He stayed in the same Job in the Mailroom for twenty five years, that’s Complacency. To be that way with Driving not wanting to be good enough to save Lives is Negligent. Knowing that your Number one Objective when Driving is to always be looking out for the other Guy. Not you becoming the Other Guy. About a Month ago on the Main Strip to my House I noticed about ten Police Vehicles, also First Responders including the Ambulance that was in no Hurry to depart. I Video Recorded the Scene, it Captured an Adult Tricycle totally Mangled, in a 45 MPH Zone. Six months Earlier fifty feet further a Woman was ran over And Killed. Like Pac said can you see me now, that’s not what Driving is about, showing me that you are Chic burning up the Blacktop. My Car does 170 easy, two weeks ago I ran the Engine up to 89 MPH going over one of Florida’s long Bridges for the first time in four years of Ownership. Using the same Bridge to go Home Eleven at Night 100 is done every other fifty Cars, at least one an Hour, I call them Bridge Jumpers, if a Tire blows while he is passing me, my Wife gets the Phone call. Now you see me now you don’t, that is the childlike mentality I deal with daily, oftentimes the outcomes are Catastrophic. This is why you need to be good out there, being able to save Lives, even yours. Always watching out for the Other Guy, don’t become the Other Guy.


Every Picture Tells a Story

Bad Drivers are like Alcoholics, they are obviously to the Problem, until it’s too Late. Sometimes they are one and the same. Roadside Graves are a Stark reminder for me that they are out there, that I should always be on the lookout. Never give them the benefit of the Doubt, always expect them to do the wrong things all the time and you will live Longer. Eleven P.M. on a weekday Night, I approached the Intersection, the Light was Red. I am in the Left Lane , there were two Cars to my right. The Light turned Green, I didn’t make it to the other side of Intersection , not even ten feet before the Car to my Right cut me off abruptly to be in my Lane. There were no one in front of us, it was open Road. In my Neck of the Woods bad Driving is an Epidemic someone loose their Lives Daily.

During that same Week I came upon an Accident Scene the Place was Littered with Police Vehicles and First Responders. As I came Parallel to the Ambulance that was in no hurry to Leave I saw a Mangled Bicycle. Within this quarter Mile Strech within two years ten People have lost their Lives, Pedestrians including. The Roadside Graves mean nothing to these Overzealous Maniacs. I Drove in NY and Pennsylvania for fifty Years, moved to the Tampa Area five Years ago. Since then there have been over two Million reported Accidents in this small area. The Death Scenes are Astronomical, so are the Injuries. The Attorneys specialize in Auto Accidents and Grow Fat. Thanks to the Mindless operations of the Automobile. Everyone thinks they are Cute, eighteen to eighty.

Worse of all they have an Attitude. Every time I think that I am going to stop writing about Safe Driving, because like Alcoholics don’t think that they have a Problem,  Bad Drivers don’t think there is a Problem with their Driving. Everyday I encounter another Bobblehead thinking that they are cool, I see Mercedes Benz Trashed and an Army of First Responders. The Pictures are Haunting, all within a twenty Miles Radius of Pinellas and Pasco Counties. When I moved to Pasco County my Insurance Jumped. There is a Star on my Drivers License, indicating that I am a Safe Driver. Yet I am paying more to Live in Pasco because of its Accident History. That doesn’t ring a Bell to the People I share the Road with Everyday. Everyday I make the fifty Miles Roundtrip and back my Car into my Driveway, I give God Thanks for surving one more Day.

I consider Driving more important than my Job. I can always get another Job, not the same with Life, or living the rest of it a Crippled with Hidious Scars. The Thought of killing someone with my Car Nauseates me and keeps me Focused and Adept. So whenever I consider to stop writing Blogs about Safe Driving I become Resolute to be the Vanguard warning young Drivers not to Drive like their Parents, they do not have a Handle on this Driving Business and their Attitudes are far to Gregarious to Emulate. They say there is a Fool Born Everyday, please don’t Join the Ranks, be Different. The Bible says ” a Child shall show them the Way” be that Child. Everyday should be a Learning Experience, Eyes wide open and you still don’t see.

From Day one I got behind the Wheel without a Driving Instructor sitting next to me, it’s been Lights Action Camera. I have been on this Nightmare Stage for over fifty years, sad part is the other Players don’t get any Better. They perform in an Oblivious manner until someone and their Bicycle is Wedged in their Wheelwell. Every Picture Tells a Story don’t it. I think that if someone was Negligent to cause their own Death I would surrender my Licence. My Coworker was a bad Driver, always Speeding with a point to prove. When he scattered a Pedestrian Brains over Queens Boulevard, he continued Driving as he had always done, it was her fault for Crossing in the middle of the Block he Thought. The Driver who Killed the Infant in a Stroller and Mangled his Brother and Mother thought the same. It appears that I am the only one who watches the News in Tampa, they are all an Accident waiting to happen, just like a Junkie or an Alcoholic, they don’t see the Imminent Danger, they all Drive like  Racecar Drivers on our Congested Roads, and so another poor soul will not make it home to their Loved ones. All because of your lack of Thoughtfulness and bad Judgement. I know that my Safe Driving Blogs are Graphic and my Words aren’t Sugar Coated, welcome to Reality Blog. I am not doing this for Likes and Pleasant Comments, I am here to stir Awareness to Bad Drivers in hope to change just one and save just one Life. Baby I am a Rider, doing it for fifty Years.

This is Rush Hour on Ulmerton Road

Holding Sway

Holding Sway

The Term means to have great power or influence over a particular person, place, or domain.


hold power

wield power

exercise power


be most powerful

be in power

be in control


have the ascendancy

have the greatest influence

have the upper hand

have the edge

have/hold the whip hand

Ever since I started to Blog about safe Driving, an Insatiable question nagged me every Day on my Commute. Why do People Drive the way they do. Why are they so Power Happy, who are they impressing. Speed is the number one Killer, topping Highway Fatalities. Yet one month ago Travelling Florida to South Carolina, People were Blowing my Doors off. Not only were they Clocking One Hundred, they were Traveling insanely, in Packs and cutting each other off. I also saw two Muscle Cars Racing in Heavy Traffic. I always travel ten miles over the Speed Limits to avoid Clustering, so why was I the Slow Poke

When you Drive in a an overzealous manner, Overconfident or Machismo You think you are in Sway. For whatever reason you think that your presence should be acknowledged, is beyond me. That should not be the way we Drive, the only way you are in Sway is if you practice all the safety Measures. Most importantly spacing yourself properly, if you must do a hundred, when approaching other Vehicles slow down. Being in a Bad Wreck has lasting effects on your Life. late one  Autumn Night while travelling the Long Island expressway. The Rain turned to Sleet then to Ice. I was spaced ten car lengths. However an Over zealous Moron crossed four Lanes to park his wonderful Jag in front of me, then took his Foot off the Gas, on an Ice slick pavement. The outcome was Devastating, with the touch of a Feather I guided the Steering Wheel to the left, from the far right Lane. On that surface I could not apply any Brakes, so I veered to the middle Lane. I sideswiped four Cars, ripped up twenty five feet of Guardrail, bursting through the Guardrail and nailed by the first Car traveling in the Speed Lane, Everyone Lived.  thank God the Guardrail didn’t Sheer the Car and me in half. Fifty years later I still have Flashbacks Driving on Slick Pavements.

I was only nineteen Driving Taxi, I am here to tell you it can all be gone in a Nano Second, that was my only Wreck. If I never express to any other Driver, Bad Wrecks are Stomach Ugly, sometimes they leave Orphans. I have seen the Head of the Driver whose car became Embedded under a Tractor Trailer rolling down the Highway. Those of you who read my Safe Driving Blogs, knows that I am using fifty years of Driving with one Wreck as the Basis of Experience. Covering Millions of Miles including Commercial Driving. Driving my own Vehicle I Ran twenty four Hours straight( I highly Dissuade you travel like that) Over the years I Have made it my business to be the very best I can be behind the wheel. My life depends on my good Judgement.

When I decided to start Blogging about safe Driving, the inspiration came upon me while watching my Coworkers park Million Dollar Vehicles. I moved to Florida hoping to make a connection with a Subsidiary, that led me to Parking Rolls Royces, Maseratis and the likes. I Drive my Porsonal Vehicles demandingly with care  ❤ and Respect, and that is the Word “Respect”. My Car is so Technology Equipped I wish I could live in it. Why Would I go out and beat it and put it in Harms way. When it comes to Driving other People’s Vehicles I Drive them with the utmost of care and consciousness. It was Valet Parking that gave me the Idea to start Blogging about safe Driving. I had customers who would let no one else park their Car except me, one tip exceeded sixty Dollars.

Watching my Coworkers taking great Risks with two Hundred and fifty thousand Dollars Vehicles, made me realize how many bad Drivers there were out there. Javier is not going to Sue me for mentioning his Name, even though his Dad is a lawyer, but he influenced me Writing about Bad Drivers. One Day he cruised up Stealthily to the entrance of our Garage, then he blew the Lifters off the Engine  on a Quater Million Dollar Car covering a fifty yards Ramp with a turn awaiting. Zero to sixty under seven seconds. If there were any Mishaps, he would have been flying from the second floor, then bursting in Flames. He wasn’t the only one who mistreated these fine Cars, some backed up so fast their rear Bumpers found the Wall. They were all good Drivers with one problem, over confidence (Holding Sway).

It was then that I realized how Dangerous our Roadways are. If they drove expensive cars like that in a parking Garage how did they drive on an open Road or in rush hour. Then I asked myself what about the Guy in his thirty years old vehicle that have never made it to a service Bay, who is also filled with overconfidence and the need to have Sway!. Then there are those with minimal skills and lack of conference behind the Wheel . If you are a mediocre Driver with minimal skills, you should not be out there running with the big Dogs. You should recognize your limitations and drive as safely as possible. The bad thing is everyone one thinks they are as good as Javier, they are all Lead Footed, the Gas Pedal is always burried with no Evasive Skills.

The most Important Evasive Skills I have Learned over the years are if your Vehicle finds itself on two wheels you need to turn your steering Wheel towards the upended side gently, if your Rear end skids right you turn right gently, if you come around a Bend into a Wall of Parked Vehicles, take your Car off the Road, the Shoulder is an out. My latest Road Trip from Florida to South Carolina was typical of what I just Said, people with minimal skills doing 80, 90 and even 100, running up on a Wall of Traffic. It’s a shame that people do not know their Limitations, or the Vehicle’s Limitations, until they are off the Road kissing a Tree at eighty M.P.H. This is not the Place to be holding sway, if you are  not that competent, you should not be out there mixing it up with the People Holding Sway. That my friend is the Method to the Madness.

Life, Safe Driving

Student Driver



Not having one Accident charged to you covering in excess of one million miles with a Star printed on your Drivers License is an accomplishment in itself. The Star indicates to the Officer pulling me over that I am a safe Driver. By Driving in all kinds of Weather with all kinds of Drivers for fifty years have given me the confidence to be relaxed under all circumstances. My Driving Instructor told me to always look out for the other Guy, I am never concerned about me having an Accident. On the other hand I am always anticipating bad Drivers, to the point of knowing their moves before they make them. It is tough being vigilant all the time, but that’s how you avoid accidents. My Driving Instructor told me to always Drive like I am the only one out there that knows what I am doing. I followed his advice from Day one of getting my License, and that is what has brought us to this point. When I consider stop writing Blogs about safe Driving I remembered this Nurse I met in Pennsylvania. She was in her thirties, she never had a Driver’s License and told me that she never would own one. Curiously I inquired why, she explained that there were too many bad Drivers on the Roadways and that she never would be comfortable behind the Wheel. I promised her that I would teach her to Drive and to be comfortable behind the Wheel. That never happened because I moved to Florida within the year.



Incidentally I thought my Wife to Drive thirty seven years ago. The night before her Road test I took her on the Highway to give her confidence, so she could be relaxed behind the Wheel, the Road Test was nothing compared to the rigorous training passed down from my Driving Instructor. She also have no Accident charged to Her. She was very fortunate to have me teaching her everything my Driving Instructor thought me. Most People weren’t fortunate to have my Driving Instructor. He told me that whenever I got behind I should loose the Attitudes including the Childish ones thinking that Driving is a game. He said that if there was something consuming your thoughts, whenever you get behind the wheel put them on the Backburner. This Man had insights, thirty years before bad behavior behind the Wheel was given a name, he told me the importance of courtesy.



He said that having a Bad Attitude behind the Wheel can get you killed, Hence Road Rage is born. The only attitude I have behind the Wheel is, I treat them all as if they were Student Drivers. There are many good Student Drivers out there, I was one. I am in no way undermining someone learning to Drive. However I Abhor People who Drives that way all their lives. I learned quickly so my Instructor had no anxieties and so spending time to indoctrinate me about the Road and how to stay alive. By treating each Vehicle I approach like the Operator was a Student Driver have saved my Life many times. You can’t go blazing through City Streets and intersection, even if you have the right of way. The couple of seconds it takes to take your foot off the Gas and cover your Brakes is well worth your Life.




The Streets in lower Manhattan is old and poorly designed, danger lurks at each Intersection. One day I approach this particular intersection where I could not see five feet of the opposing Traffic. When that occurrs you treat the intersection like a Roundabout, the Driver to the right has the right of way. At this perilous Intersection I decided to give up my right of way, count to ten then continue with the right of way. Within that ten seconds a Truck ran the Stop Sign taking away my right of way and almost my Life. Lesson learned, treat all Intersection with caution and respect. This is why I treat them all like Children/ Student Driver, always expect them to do the wrong things,  back off and give them Room to burn themselves out, and that is exactly what you do with Road Rage Idiots.




Bad Driving is an Epidemic, Defensive Driving saves Lives. The Highway Fatalities statistics are high in my Neck of the Woods. Each and every time I get behind the wheel for my one hour Commute, making it from point A to point B without a scratch is my only objective. I am never late or in a hurry, Zipping through congested areas is a Fools way of Traveling. I save my Speed for the Highway at three A.M. My car does 170, I have taken it halfway to blow out the Cobwebs and that’s far as it will ever go. Us 19 is my Main Drag, it’s posted 45 and 55 , yet many People have taken lives and lost their Lives doing 100. Do you still wonder why I treat my fellow Drivers with such Skepticism that they aren’t going to do the right thing.




Many of them are like little Kids in an Adult Body unable to make Rational Decisions especially when it comes to Driving. Today while going to work I noticed a Woman combining her Hair while weaving the Traffic twenty MPH over the speed limit. Getting up a half an Hour won’t kill you, chasing that lost time will kill you and others. If she had gone to Driving School I am quite sure that her Instructor would have told her that Multitasking behind the Wheel is a Fool’s way of operating a Vehicle.



This short Video shows exactly why I treat my fellow Drivers like Student Drivers. Twelve O’clock at night wide open Road, four cars on the Road and there is a Traffic congestion. The three cars in front of me occupied all three lanes and are driving at the same speed. The speed limit is 45 and neither was smart enough to take the lead of chose to follow. In Rush Hour this type of mindless driving sets up accident by People squeezing them to get through. Treating them like Student Drivers I waited patiently instead of blowing my Horn and bringing out the Road Rage Beast. After one mile of waiting for an opening I passed them safely. Once I make the lead I always travel ten MPH Over the speed limit to avoid people who travel like Sheep. Unsurprisingly one of the Sheep picked up the Chase and followed me closely for the next twenty miles, then passed me at twenty MPH over the speed limit. Other than driving like Student Drivers, they drive with piss poor attitudes that they are not supposed to be passed. This is the same Idiot who was doing 45 on an open Road, I detected an Attitude and another Road Rage Monster. If this can happen 12 O’clock at night imagine how many Student Drivers with bad attitudes are out there at 8 A.M. finally, the life you save may be your own, stay away from people who drives like Student Drivers with bad attitudes. Space yourself properly until it is safe to pass them. Once I am in the lead I accelerate to ten MPH beyond the speed limit to leave the clutter behind. And that is how I managed to Drive over a million miles with no Accidents, by not being part of the problem.


Insanity! Doing the same thing over and again, each time looking for different results ( Albert Einstein)

Life, Safe Driving

Blunt Force

Blunt Force

In the year 2014 there were six million reported crashes, two million injuries and thirty four thousand deaths. Yet you wonder why I am so brutally frank when describing your Driving as mindless Drones and Bobbleheads behind the Wheel. Well with those numbers you are lucky I keep a civil Tounge and don’t resort to profanity. After fifty years of sharing the Roadways with you daily, I have embraced the truth that it’s a fool who does things the same way for fifty years always looking for different results. In fifty years of Driving I have honed my skills to the point I almost want to believe that I can do it Blindfolded. I can Text from my Dashboard yet I dismiss all text received while the vehicle is moving.

My vehicle has Sensors all around yet I am vigilant while maneuvering, even when traveling through the Desert at two A.M. because I know that you are out there. Mindless Drones who should not have a Licence. When I was a Kid growing up, when people criticized my actions I would reflect inward. Being contentious I would realize that their criticism was well warranted and so institute changes. The average Person can’t or won’t do that, especially when it comes to Driving, having your fellow Drivers giving you the Finger and calling you Vile names does not resonate. How Dense can you be I am travelling at sixty MPH and you gunned your Engine to catch up to me, then sit on my Bumper in my Blind spot. That is how People gets killed, Vehicles rolling and bursting in Flames.

One of my Neighbors killed himself and his two young Sons, his Wife has permanent Scars
The Driver of this Maserati killed himself and his two young Sons, his Wife severely injured.


When the Vehicles came paralleled I looked at the Driver, on her Forehead was an invisible Post it sign that read Idiot. My Car does 170 MPH yet I avoid the quickest Commute Route and use the slow Rural Rute. The reason for me to take the Back Road is that I like to enjoy the forty minutes surrendered by fine Leather and my Bose System listening to Slightly Stoopid, talking about Storm trooper. I also like not having to be on the cutting edge for forty minutes, or having to put the Needle of my Tachometer in the red to avoid over Zealous Idiots thinking that Driving is big Fun. U.S. 19 is the main Drag quarter of a Mile from my House, it is a 55 MPH Road where people have done 100 and got themselves killed along with others, did I mention mindless Drones.

Well they are the reason I avoid the quickest Route, they are all Cute thinking that they are NASCAR Drivers changing Lanes and Drafting, as if they are completing Lap 100 on their way to the Victory Flag. That is why there were over six million Crashes and over two Million injuries in one year. The numbers don’t lie, your Driving is Atrocious, your attitude is Pigheaded, you are irresponsible and Dangerous. What Irks me the most about people driving too fast in a congested area doing sixty in a 45 MPH zone, Is these same people gets in my way when I am winding down an eleven Hundred miles Trip at two AM  travelling at 85 for the last eight hours. They drive fast in City Limits, slow and unattentive on open Roads, they setup accidents wherever they go.

I have covered millions of Miles Driving cross-country, it’s a Different kind of Drivers you encounter on the open Road than Commuters Driving the same way for twenty years looking for different results, or Soccer Moms always late, doing too many juggling acts and running too many errands. And you wonder why I use Rural Routes to avoid these Maniacs. I plan to leave my Car as part of my Estate, I also plan to put a million miles on the Odometer while keeping the Engine brand new by changing the oil before it is needed. I am an Enthusiast who drives better then 99% of you out there, yet your Driving scares me, the numbers don’t lie 6 million Crashes in one year, two million injuries and thirty four thousand Deaths says you don’t know what you are doing.

Yet I see you every Day faking it acting and looking cool. Get over yourself you are not on a Stage on Broadway. Driving is a Life and Death situation, not Kids in an Amusement Park riding Bumper Carts. Where I Live in Tampa USA, some Attorneys approach Billionaire status handling Automobile Injuries. Why should I not be Terrified by your Driving. In my Neck of the Woods 136,000 reported Crashes in one year, with hundreds of Pedestrians getting ran over. Do you still think that you are cool with your cheap Sunglasses on, Texting a Mile a minute. A Day Will come when you become part of the Statistics, while some unfortunate Child’s single Parent won’t make it back Home. Driving is  common sense issues, too many of us have issues and take it with us behind the Wheel.

Three Days ago there was a Road Rage incident, a single shot was fired. When the Cops caught up with the Shooter, instead of pulling over he took them on a high speed chase, did I mention Issues. Sometimes I honestly believe that someone is putting something in the Water, something that brings out the Idiots in us. Why else would seemingly intelligent People get behind the Wheel and are transformed into NASCAR Drivers, Evel knievels and Wellendas, While the numbers keep rising. I visit my old Neighborhood once a week, because I didn’t change Banks. At this Ominous Intersection that have claimed many Lives were a new Roadside Grave that wasn’t there Last week. A Roadside Grave is a makeshift Grave that marks the Spot where a Loved one lost their Lives.

Roadside Grave

I’m from Back Mountain Pennsylvania, living in Tampa Florida is a Culture Shock for me. I have driven in many States where there were twice the Traffic, yet I have never seen the Statistics this high including Pedestrians Fatalities as in Tampa. I know that a lot of you don’t like my writing style of being Blunt and calling you Idiots, but if the Cap fits, let them wear it. Furthermore who gives a Rat’s  about what you think of my Krass delivery of the message, that your Driving Sucks and that you need to change your Galavant attitude about Driving, in order to save Lives. Someone needs to be the voice of the dead. Fifty years of Driving with no Accident charged to me, Never had my License suspended or Revoked, some of the years Driving Commercially eight hours a Day behind the Wheel in all Weather conditions. That gives me the right to call it as I see it. “Idiots”. When I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida, upon transferring my License, I found out that D.M.V. tracks your Driving Record. On my Florida Driving Licence there is a 🌟, indicating that I am a safe Driver. Feather in my Cap. What’s in your Cap. I’m not trying to win any Popularity contest or to get Likes and phony comments. I’m on a mission to save Lives, prevent amputations and disfiguring of young Bodies that have to spend the rest of their Lives in a Wheelchair. For God’s sake “slow down and put the Phone down”. The Life you save may be your own.

P.S. we have smart Cars, smart Phones, smart Water. What of People?

Evel knievel

The greatest Daredevil, he risked his Life daily.