Silence Is Golden

Never argue with an Idiot

They will Drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.( Mark Twain)

Words so true have never been spoken. The problem is that most Idiots are not aware of their shortcomings. You can be well Learned and still be one if you think that your opinion is the only one that matters, or make any sense. Growing up I was told never to discuss Politics, Religion and Sexual Orientation. The reason for that is, just about everyone have a different opinion in all three. Some people are strongly opinionated and passionate in their beliefs they  would go to no end to convert you to their way of thinking.

This is what separates Smart People from idiots, they know that invisible lines drawn in the Sands of time should not be crossed. They know not to have discussions with People of a closed Mind, or so strongly opinionated that other’s opinion dose’nt matter. Case in point, the Election Season is just around the corner where seemingly Eloquent People losing a Debate will resort to Mudslinging and just about calling your Mother names. That’s what arguing with an Idiot amounts to. When you can’t get your point across in a Civilized and Rational manner and you have to resort to pulling out the Verbal Daggers, you are an Idiot.

My Mother was an Ambassador of Social Grace, when a conversation or discussion got out of control she would just stop talking and let you talk yourself out of words, then just walked away. That type of Psychology brings to mind a Scandinavian Course for People in the Hospitality Business. The course teaches you to be passive when dealing with rambunctious Customers or Guests. One Orientation goes, you are walking down the Street, someone is walking behind you calling you Vile Names. The minute you stop and ask the person, are you talking to me, then and only then  are you all the things he called you. ” never argue with an Idiot,” you may think that your intelligence and your Dignity is being compromised by taking on the Passive Role, trust me, never wrestle with Pigs, you will only get dirty and they love to be covered with Mud.

One of my good friends and I have been estranged for a couple of years. We used to have great discussions about World Politics and Social Issues. After the last Presidential Election we started drifting apart by him always trying to explain to me why he voted the way he did and by always trying to convince me to like his Candidate. Being the smart one seeing the Confrontation coming, whenever the subject came up, I shut up. Being perceptive he never brought the subject to the Table anymore. I must be getting old, these Days I just want to live in Tranquility free of Drama and knockdown Debates about anything. Not like when I was eighteen, working in one of my first jobs out of H.S. I met a young Man Bent on converting me to his Religion.

From the onset I informed him that I was Raised a Christian. Over a year period this Person hammered away at me relentlessly. After countless rebuttals he Exploded on me calling me Satan. It’s People like that who motivated this Blog, Idiots. His arguments could not sway me so he resorted to beguiling, condemning and Demonizing me. That’s how Idiots respond when losing the Debate, so don’t get caught up in a Debate to Hell. Those Debate are only going to end up in Verbal Assaults, in those instances, ” silence is golden”. Two years ago one of my young coworkers related a story to me. On one family gathering he brought his new Girlfriend to Dinner. His Father and the Girlfriend  got into a heated debate, losing the argument the Father resorted to belittling and berating the young Woman calling her stupid and a Bitch. To him she was too young to know what she was talking about. When I worked in Construction we had a rule of Thumb, if a ten years old showed up on the Jobsite with the Blueprints, he is the Boss. Now do you see why arguing with an Idiot is a no no. He lost a potential Daughter -in-law and his sons respect, all from being an Idiot.

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Live Love Laugh



Teaching our kids to live, as in embracing life, is something just about all parents overlook. We teach them how to walk, talk, learn and make a living, however very few are taught to tap into their creativity, their spirituality and their spiritual being which is their soul. Ask any artistic people  and they will tell you that along the way of being creative they stumbled upon their spirituality. Everyone knows that education is a fundamental tool. But very few are aware that being artistic can introduce you to the inner person that most people live a lifetime and never met. Religion is also a venue to spirituality, your soul. Like the Bible says, what good is a man if he Gains the World and lose his Soul. A lot of people have no soul to lose,  they were never introduced to it, they never knew it existed.

Some of us are born perceptive, and enlightened others have to be led, being artistic sometimes leads us to our  perspectives. When you know how to look inside, there is a whole world in there. What you find in there, everything from empathy to the gift of love, being able to possess love, accept and give it. Some infants needs no prodding or encouragement to walk, talk, swim and a do lot of things, they are natural born achievers,  some need encouragement, most of us you have to lead us to the water. It’s  the same with living. A Fish swims, that is what they do with infinity until they are caught or eaten by a bigger Fish. Man was not made to swim he is expected to take advantage of all that life offers, it is too short and unpredictable to swim your way through it, in a continuous motion of nothingness only to make money and survive. Personally I believe that we do ourselves a great disservice only using 10% of our Brain’s capacity, in that case it should not be too taxing to learn a skill and a craft unilaterally. For instance a carpenter who plays an instrument and write Poetry.


What magnetized me to this ideology is, in my hometown of Tampa we have a Lawyer who is also a Doctor. He is way out left field with the concept that I have in mind of being creative as well as having a skill. He has two skills, even though some Doctors are forced to be creative in their practices. A lot of us learned to play an instrument early in life, by the time we grow up it’s only a distant memory, because We never learned the importance of creativity in our lives and where it could lead us, or the nourishment it feeds our souls. Twenty seven years ago I started two Manuscripts that were never completed. They were started as an outlet when I was overwhelmed with stress, somewhat of a Diary. Well anyway you know where I am coming from with this way of thinking. If you don’t practice everyday you lose interest. What I am really saying is, if your parents didn’t instigate you to be creative and  tapping into the inner you, you don’t follow the path.




You don’t have to be inspired to take it to a professional level. If you use creativity as a Hobby, it becomes therapeutic in our daily lives. For instance it creates a secret place for you to escape the drudgery of day to day living. It keeps you grounded and focused, it can even cradle your sanity. Oftentimes my Wife ask me what do I get out of spending so much time writing Blogs, you are not making any Money out of it said she. I have never taken the time to explain to anyone my true reasons for Writing Blogs. So here it is once and for all. Many years ago I worked in a Nursing Home, this was where I was introduced to my Mortality. I met high ranking Military Men who was ravaged with Dementia. They could not recount to me their Heroics of flying Fighter Jets delivering Bombs to the Enemies locations. I met a Concert Pianist who developed Dementia at  the heights of their Career, a lifetime of Notes completely erased. Now all they do is sit and stare, barely sixty years old.



Why wouldn’t I chose to Live love and laugh to the top of my Lungs before I get to this point. Then there was the Italian Immigrant Woman who came to America with the Clothes on her Back. She started making Pizza in a two hundred square feet Kitchen. Her Ambition and Drive turned that Hole in the Wall start into a fifty Million Dollars Empire. Now here she is withering away in a Nursing Home, unable to tell her Story, ending a Flamboyant Life in a Fog of Dementia. I am telling my Stories in advance, so when I get to where they are,  my Nurses can read them back to me and my fellow Residents when I can’t tell them for myself. At this very moment I am five miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico writing this Blog thinking how Fragile Life is. Why should I not Live, love and Laugh right to the Bitter end, knowing that the inevitable is just that.


Back in the Days the Marshall Tucker band had a song called Can’t you see. One of the verses went “ gonna find me a hole in the wall and I’m gonna crawl in and Die”. Not me I’m gonna find the wide open Ocean and set Sail till I run out of Wind. When I left the Job in the Nursing Home, my favorite Resident Nell told me,  moving to Florida you will forget us all. Well my Friend Nell this one goes out to the ones I left behind. I once heard a story of a woman dying in an apartment, the conditions similar to a homeless dwelling under a Bridge except her dwelling was in an expensive apartment building, in it was 47 million dollars and feces everywhere, not having that money in a Bank said she worshipped it, the poor thing had lost her soul and mind, Howard Hughes died in similar situations. Again with those words “ what good is a Man to gain the World and lose his Soul”.There you have it in a nutshell, no one had told them that there is more to life than making lots of Money, there is so much more to life.




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Speed Control

Speed control

Speed control is the greatest aspect of Driving, let’s go back to square one. If you are buying a used Car, here are a couple of simple steps to let you know if the Vehicle is in good working conditions. One, not giving any Gas, turn the Ignition, if it starts with no hesitation and runs smoothly that’s a plus, especially if its been sitting on the lot. Move the shifter into drive, still no gas, if it pulls forward strong, the Motor and Trannie is in good working conditions. That is exactly how you operate a Vehicle in a parking Lot. In CPR we have a saying ” only do for the Victim what he can’t do for himself”. If you apply that same principle to the way you operate a Vehicle, you are on your way to becoming a Motorist. In a Parking Lot if your Vehicle is in excellent working conditions you never need to give it Gas.

If it does need Gas, very little is all that’s needed. I have seen Valet drivers ran Messaratis at fifty and sixty in a parking Garage and backing up at thirty. That’s overconfidence to the max. Still the average Driver goes too fast in a parking Lot. It takes a Moron Mentality to go zipping through a parking Lot, knowing that backing out of a Spot has limited visibility and that bad Drivers walk the same way that they drive, mindlessly. How can you be looking out for the other Guy if you’re not looking out for yourself. Safety is a consciousness all to itself. When it snows then turns to ice you walk slowly, cautiously and carefully to your Car. Yet you get behind the Wheel and you forget how threacherous walking to your Car was.

You refuse to space yourself ten to fifteen car lengths on bad Road surfaces. Furthermore if you do there is always some mindless Driver who will put his Car in the gap. Safe Driving is a practiced way of Driving, It’s a mindset of being contentious all the while you are behind the Wheel. Far too many of us develop the mindset of Flighty Teenagers who haven’t yet developed a sense of responsibility. 90% of Drivers on the Road knows nothing about speed control, from the first moment they apply Gas they never take their foot off the Pedal until it’s time to stop or slow down. Running up on someone’s Bumper and then applying your brakes within fifteen feet of rearending them if flighty Driving. A True Motorist take their foot off the gas Pedal within twenty five or more feet of approaching a Vehicle or a stop sign.

Movable parts such as Breaks can fail you without a moment notice, waiting until the last minute to apply your brakes under any given circumstances is bad Driving. Speed control is a form of overdriving, overdriving is driving at night with poor visibility, you can’t see fifty yards in front of you, yet you continue burying the gas Pedal. Many of my Blogs about safe Driving interplay, but how else am I going to Drive the point home that safe Driving is no joke. It was a clear day travelling I 81 through Mountaintop PA. Descending the Hill from Hazelton is a speed trap, 80, 90, 100 is always tempting. Where I.81 and I.80 intersect is a blind Bend, I always practicing what I preach about overdriving. I couldn’t see around the Bend so I took my foot off the Gas, that move saved my Life and many others.

I was doing no less than 75 when I came around the Bend to find 100 cars at a standstill, I only had thirty feet of stopping distance before pushing a VW that was already embedded under a Truck. The Driver of the VW had overdriven himself to his death, his Head was laying by the roadside. I have written about this Horrific accident before in another Blog dealing with overdriving, if I don’t constantly paint you a Picture how are you going to take me seriously that safe Driving is a must and not an elective way of operating a Vehicle. I have been fortunate or unfortunate to have witnessed at least twenty Fatalities on the Roadways. I have fashioned my Life down to a science to learn from other People’s mistakes and it has worked for me.

Sometimes I feel like a Fool always yapping at you about safe Driving knowing that most people don’t want to be told of their fallacies, especially Driving. Then it occurs to me that the original reason I started Blogging about Safe Driving was to save just one Life. That one Life could be the Life of a Family Man whose family totally depending on his income to keep them off Welfare or the Streets. The average Maniac haven’t a clue the Devastation caused when a Loved one don’t return home in one piece, Burial cost Foreclosures and Homelessness just to mention a few. I know that I am a Doomsday Blogger but how else am I going to scare you that your Driving is Scary and that you need to be more mindful and not mindless when you are behind the Wheel.

I am not doing this for your likes, comments, following or ten seconds of fame, Blogging is my Retirement Project. I will owe IRS till the day I die. I am trying to create a consciousness to save Lives, to change the Mindset that most Drivers have that they are good, so they can afford to take risks that creates  Orphans. Jerry is a Widow with a badly damaged infant. It happened one night on a Mountain Road covered with Frost. His Wife was on her way to join us at the Company’s Christmas party to show us their Newborn baby Boy. She was Driving too fast for the Road conditions, a Deer was in her Path, she swerved to avoid it, went off the Road into a Tree. Both her and the Infant was ejected from the Vehicle, the Infant survived badly injured, she Didn’t. Bad Driving isn’t a matter of if your day will come it is a matter of when.

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” I Got This”

The New Driver

When I signed up for Driving Shool at seventeen, my goals were to learn all I could from a seasoned Pro. That way when I passed the Road test and received my Drivers license, I would have the Tools I needed to stay alive and save Lives. The average Driver is issued a License and ultimately believes that as a result of being issued a License, he knows how to Drive. Nothing could be more remote from the truth. All it means is that you have demonstrated the basic knowledge in the operation of a Vehicle. The smart Drivers such as myself uses the basic skills from day one, and on a daily basis we hone them to save Lives. I have been Driving for fifty years with zero accident caused by me, one caused by a mindless Drone driving a Jag, the other by faulty Brakes on a Truck that was recently issued an Inspection Sticker.

The Driver of this Maserati killed himself and his two young Sons, his Wife severely injured.



The average Driver from day one develop a Boneheaded attitude that “I got this”. Also far from the truth. Months ago in my Neighborhood two Spoiled irresponsible Teenagers were given Mustangs for Graduating High School. Just Graduated High School means that they couldn’t be Driving more than over a year. That isn’t enough time behind the Wheel to develop the Boneheaded attitude that you got this. Those two Morons decided to Race each other over a Bridge. By the time they exited the Bridge onto a street posted 45 MPH. It was too late for the young Mother , pushing a Stroller with her Infant across the street, They both Died. In an earlier Blog I stated that there were over 35,000 Fatalities on our Roadways in one year.

Those aren’t just numbers they are Flesh and Blood, people with Loved ones left to Grieve, from your carelessness and Callous attitude towards Driving. No you don’t got this, if you did the numbers wouldn’t be so great. Nowhere else in Life do seemingly intelligent People become Jackasses than behind the Wheel. The other Day travelling McMullen Booth Road , I looked in my Rearview to see this Vehicle riding me aggressively. At the stop light I allowed Her to pass me, on the rear Bumper was a Sticker of her Alma Mater, Ohio State. I live in Florida so I get to observe them all. I said to myself College doesn’t teach intelligence, that was someone who think they “got this”.

From here on I only Address the New Drivers who do not want to Drive like their Parents or their Grandparents. I have learned that the old Adage is true, ” you can’t teach an old Dog new Tricks”, because ” they got this”.They have been doing it all wrong for a hundred years, the Statistics says so, but you can’t tell them that, because they tell themselves” I got this”. I will tell you what they all have, it’s a Royal Bitch Attitude about and towards Life and it manifests into their Driving. It’s a shame everyone wasn’t as fortunate to have my Driving Instructor. He told me when you get behind the Wheel, loose the Attitude, the childish behavior and the Ego Trip.

In Tampa I have encountered the worst of Drivers in over fifty years and millions of miles Driving East West North and South. They all have that Bitch Attitude, which isn’t conducive to safe Driving. They all drive too fast, change lanes too many times on a one mile stretch of congested traffic, cut you off within one Car length. You blow your Horn to show disgust in their behavior and they are ready to shoot you. Eighteen to eighty five they all possess the Attitude. In my daily commute I try to be a shining example, I space myself properly, travel no more than ten miles above the speed limit to stay ahead of the clutter. Yet there is never a day that someone isn’t sitting on my Bumper drafting.

Roadside Graves

The other day I am crossing the Bayside Bridge, as usual I try to stay away from the clutter Drivers who all do the same speed Limit, travelling side by side gazing in each other’s vehicles. That’s not good Motoring, good Motoring is staggering the Traffic. That kind of Driving brings out the Idiots, they weave the Traffic like their Name is Dale. Well anyway crossing the Bridge twelve Noon on a Saturday in a Resort Town on a Gorgeous afternoon. The Traffic was Bustling, I looked back in my Rearview Mirror to see someone Driving their Top of the Line inexpensively manufactured Japanese Heap at speed in excess of 100 MPH. When I was halfway across the Bridge all the Traffic behind me had just entered the span, in a flash the Speedster had passed me and was weaving the Traffic ahead of me at the same speed.

And you wonder why I call People Idiots. Once I was traveling a hundred yards behind two Cars racing at eighty five, they came into the middle lane simultaneously, slammed together and disintegrated. There wasn’t one solid piece of anything that remained, Skeletal and all. After observing something like that why would I not aspire to be the very best Driver on the Road, knowing that one Idiot die everyday, taking innocent people with them, while another is Born who will continue the mayhem and leave the World the same way in Bits and pieces. That is not the way I see my Departure. I see myself sitting up in my Bed sipping my best Brandy saying goodbye to the one I have loved for the better part of my years. Everyday I pass the Roadside Graves and know that someone never made it Home to their loved ones, I curse the Maniacs I share the Roads with Daily. Their Lives doesn’t matter and neither do yours and mine, because to them life is cheap and meaningless, and the Automobile is just a fun Toy.

Below is the link to my Local News Station

Video showing a Hit and Run that put a Teenager in a Coma for over forty Days


All About Me

Synopsis of Me

As I sit here Pondering what would I be if I wasn’t me.

Who would I rather be if I not me.

If I could choose instead of me who could I be.

Then I think to myself why should I thread in someone’s shadow.

Walking in someone’s Shoe is a dangerous course.

These are all Paths to loose myself.

My Being my Soul the Spirit within is all of me.

The thought of even being someone else.

Makes me foolish to chase a reflection in the Lake.

Returning to find there is no one there where I started from.

After all I am no one’s shadow, and no one is my reflection

And in the end to find the only Envy was Mine all along.