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Common Sense

Common Sense

Taking into consideration that nothing is Built to withstand the test of time like the Pyramids or Gothic Architecture,or even a 1967 Buick Skylark. That car was Built to withstand a collision At fifty five with minimal framework damage. Today’s Automobile with the same Collision amounts to totalling the Vehicle, sending it to the Junkyard. Not to mention Bodily injuries or deaths. With that said as far as I am concerned once you get behind the wheel common sense outweighs everything and is far more important than the Seatbelts, or antilock brakes. It even override great Driving Skills.The best Highway Safety Blog don’t emphasize the great need for exercising good Judgement / common sense.


good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.

“a common-sense approach”

synonyms:good sense, sense, sensibleness, native wit, native intelligence, mother wit, wit, judgment, sound judgment, level-headedness, prudence, discernment, acumen, sharpness, sharp-wittedness, canniness, astuteness, shrewdness, judiciousness, wisdom, insight, intuition, intuitiveness, perceptiveness, perspicacity, vision, understanding, intelligence, reason, powers of reasoning;

This Blog was spawned from my Commute home last night. Twelve O’clock at night, mostly produce Drunks making their way home or Commuters who work evenings, especially on weekdays. Two cars travelling on a deserted roadway, I’m following, usually I’m the lead car. The reason for me always leading is because sad to say I don’t trust my fellow Drivers to do the right thing. So I usually travel ten MPH Over the speed limit to avoid clutter. Not following my driving habit of leading, he took me to the stop light slowly enough for me to miss the Light. At the intersection one car made the right turn, now there are three of us on this deserted Road. When the Light changed I proceeded to the next light where I found them both positioned side by side on a two lane road. Now I was stuck behind two Drones travelling side by side at the same speed. It totally behooves me why people don’t understand that traffic needs to be staggered, whether twelve at night or rush hour.

Fifty feet from the next light the Drone who made the right turn decided or realized that he needs to be in the left lane to make his left turn. After travelling mindlessly for a half a mile in the right lane, it never occurred to him that he could speed up in front of the one on a joyride at 12 am, or just slow down and and fall behind, knowing that his turn was coming up. Instead he forced me to break hard to let him in, almost causing an Accident at 12 am with three cars on a deserted Road. Did I mention that Common Sense rules Education, Common Sense is calculated Logic. Sad to say the average Person does not possess it.

Harry was smart all his Life, Breezed through School like the rest of us were Idiots. When he grew up he became an Educator, he was smart enough to be a Professor, yet when it came to Driving he was dumber than a Bunch of Rocks, zero common sense. Harry only Drove top of the Line Performance Cars, and Crashed every last one, sometimes causing Bodily injuries. His last Accident was Monumental. How he Lived was all up to God, he never mentioned the other people involved, or whether it was his fault, however his Track Record tells us who caused the Accident. There are Millions of Harry’s on our Roadways, devoid of common sense. They drift through time and space until their number is up, taking good Drivers who uses common sense with them.

Getting back to East Lake Road, the deserted two lane country Road four months ago almost the same scenario of me following lead cars late at night just about sightseeing. There was a Pick up Truck slowing down the traffic flow. Just about the time I decided to leave the left lane and pass on the right. The Truck slowing down the traffic abruptly leaves the lane, he moved into the right lane and kept going right off  Road. The Truck rolled four times. Being a good Motorist I pulled off the Road and ran to their aid. When I got to the Truck I smelled Gas, I immediately asked the Man and the Woman who crawled from the wreck if everyone was out of the Vehicle. It was that moment the Woman scampered back into the upside down Vehicle and handed me a Car Seat containing an Infant.

So you don’t exercise common sense for your own safety, what about your Passengers. Whenever I come upon an Accident scene I always try to reconstruct the situation that developed prior to the Accident. It appears that the couple were fighting and she delivered a surprise punch to the Driver, while her Infant child almost become the Victim of her lack of common sense. When I am a Passenger, I assume the role of Co pilot and Navigator and do my very best not to distract the Driver, that’s what Common Sense is all about. Whatever the Driver is doing that can cause distractions it is for you to assist them, such as reading the G.P.S. or pouring Coffee from the Thermos. For you the Driver, exercising good Judgement far outweighs having the skills of a Jedi Pilot, any day of the week.

I know that I am always using graphic Details and Languages in my safe Driving Blogs. However there is a reason for that, my English Literature Teacher told me that a Writer that doesn’t stir Emotions or create reactions,  is wasting his time and yours, also his opinion isn’t worth the paper written on. So here is one more effort to stir your emotions and make you react to me challenging you to use common sense when you are on our Roadways. Three years ago in my Neighborhood on one of the busiest Roads at four PM, a young Mother with her three years old and an Infant in a Stroller decided to cross in the middle of the Block. Common Sense would command the use of the Crosswalk, knowing that you can run only so fast pushing a Stroller, trying to avoid someone on the Cellphone with the gas pedal burried. The outcome was devastating, the Infant lost it’s Life, Mother and Son Scarred for Life. The Driver left no Skid marks. The Driver was not Charged because no one reported seeing him on the Cellphone seconds before the Accident. Using the Cellphone while you are  behind the Wheel is one of the Biggest of Buffoonery, which a lot of so-called smart People do everyday. Common Sense, either you have it or you don’t. The lack of it is equivalent to diving in a Swimming Pool not knowing the Depth.

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” I Got This”

The New Driver

When I signed up for Driving Shool at seventeen, my goals were to learn all I could from a seasoned Pro. That way when I passed the Road test and received my Drivers license, I would have the Tools I needed to stay alive and save Lives. The average Driver is issued a License and ultimately believes that as a result of being issued a License, he knows how to Drive. Nothing could be more remote from the truth. All it means is that you have demonstrated the basic knowledge in the operation of a Vehicle. The smart Drivers such as myself uses the basic skills from day one, and on a daily basis we hone them to save Lives. I have been Driving for fifty years with zero accident caused by me, one caused by a mindless Drone driving a Jag, the other by faulty Brakes on a Truck that was recently issued an Inspection Sticker.

The Driver of this Maserati killed himself and his two young Sons, his Wife severely injured.



The average Driver from day one develop a Boneheaded attitude that “I got this”. Also far from the truth. Months ago in my Neighborhood two Spoiled irresponsible Teenagers were given Mustangs for Graduating High School. Just Graduated High School means that they couldn’t be Driving more than over a year. That isn’t enough time behind the Wheel to develop the Boneheaded attitude that you got this. Those two Morons decided to Race each other over a Bridge. By the time they exited the Bridge onto a street posted 45 MPH. It was too late for the young Mother , pushing a Stroller with her Infant across the street, They both Died. In an earlier Blog I stated that there were over 35,000 Fatalities on our Roadways in one year.

Those aren’t just numbers they are Flesh and Blood, people with Loved ones left to Grieve, from your carelessness and Callous attitude towards Driving. No you don’t got this, if you did the numbers wouldn’t be so great. Nowhere else in Life do seemingly intelligent People become Jackasses than behind the Wheel. The other Day travelling McMullen Booth Road , I looked in my Rearview to see this Vehicle riding me aggressively. At the stop light I allowed Her to pass me, on the rear Bumper was a Sticker of her Alma Mater, Ohio State. I live in Florida so I get to observe them all. I said to myself College doesn’t teach intelligence, that was someone who think they “got this”.

From here on I only Address the New Drivers who do not want to Drive like their Parents or their Grandparents. I have learned that the old Adage is true, ” you can’t teach an old Dog new Tricks”, because ” they got this”.They have been doing it all wrong for a hundred years, the Statistics says so, but you can’t tell them that, because they tell themselves” I got this”. I will tell you what they all have, it’s a Royal Bitch Attitude about and towards Life and it manifests into their Driving. It’s a shame everyone wasn’t as fortunate to have my Driving Instructor. He told me when you get behind the Wheel, loose the Attitude, the childish behavior and the Ego Trip.

In Tampa I have encountered the worst of Drivers in over fifty years and millions of miles Driving East West North and South. They all have that Bitch Attitude, which isn’t conducive to safe Driving. They all drive too fast, change lanes too many times on a one mile stretch of congested traffic, cut you off within one Car length. You blow your Horn to show disgust in their behavior and they are ready to shoot you. Eighteen to eighty five they all possess the Attitude. In my daily commute I try to be a shining example, I space myself properly, travel no more than ten miles above the speed limit to stay ahead of the clutter. Yet there is never a day that someone isn’t sitting on my Bumper drafting.

Roadside Graves

The other day I am crossing the Bayside Bridge, as usual I try to stay away from the clutter Drivers who all do the same speed Limit, travelling side by side gazing in each other’s vehicles. That’s not good Motoring, good Motoring is staggering the Traffic. That kind of Driving brings out the Idiots, they weave the Traffic like their Name is Dale. Well anyway crossing the Bridge twelve Noon on a Saturday in a Resort Town on a Gorgeous afternoon. The Traffic was Bustling, I looked back in my Rearview Mirror to see someone Driving their Top of the Line inexpensively manufactured Japanese Heap at speed in excess of 100 MPH. When I was halfway across the Bridge all the Traffic behind me had just entered the span, in a flash the Speedster had passed me and was weaving the Traffic ahead of me at the same speed.

And you wonder why I call People Idiots. Once I was traveling a hundred yards behind two Cars racing at eighty five, they came into the middle lane simultaneously, slammed together and disintegrated. There wasn’t one solid piece of anything that remained, Skeletal and all. After observing something like that why would I not aspire to be the very best Driver on the Road, knowing that one Idiot die everyday, taking innocent people with them, while another is Born who will continue the mayhem and leave the World the same way in Bits and pieces. That is not the way I see my Departure. I see myself sitting up in my Bed sipping my best Brandy saying goodbye to the one I have loved for the better part of my years. Everyday I pass the Roadside Graves and know that someone never made it Home to their loved ones, I curse the Maniacs I share the Roads with Daily. Their Lives doesn’t matter and neither do yours and mine, because to them life is cheap and meaningless, and the Automobile is just a fun Toy.

Below is the link to my Local News Station

Video showing a Hit and Run that put a Teenager in a Coma for over forty Days

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Bad Actors



The Tampa Bay area saw 900 pedestrian deaths over a 10-year period.

Florida ranked No. 1 as the state most dangerous to pedestrians, according to a report released Recently.

Smart Growth America’s “Dangerous By Design” report details a closer look at pedestrian safety and deaths around the country. The report says between 2008 and 2017, drivers hit and killed 49,340 on streets in the U.S.

And you wonder why I would choose to Blog about safe Driving, living in Tampa. When I started scribbling Notes about Safe Driving, it all started when I was working as a Valet. On slow Days when I was Bored I scribbled notes about my fellow Valet Drivers, they Drove half a Million Dollar Vehicles the same way they Drove their own Heaps. That Highlights a part of the Problem, lack of respect for others, property Life included. They Buried the gas Pedal for one Hundred yards, stopping on a Dime and backing up at thirty MPH. It was then that I realized that there is something Deathly wrong in the way we operate these Death Machines on our Roadways. Seemingly intelligent People loose it when they get behind the Wheel. They get behind the wheel and its like Lights, Action Camera, So be The case, what can you expect from the  less  intellectual ones. The Manufacturer tells you how Nimble their Vehicles are in their sales pitch. You the Gullible Consumers buy into the need for speed Brainwashing. There you have it, the Root cause for all the Calamities on our Roadways. They don’t tell you that they Build their Vehicles strictly for Transportation, no, they give you the Impression that you can Drive like a Racecar Driver. That Driving in a highly populated areas above the speed limit weaving Rush Hour Traffic is cool 😎.

The more Horsepower, the harder we push them, not realizing that we are playing catch22 with our Lives and others, until that Fateful moment when some Kids Body is crumpled up in your wheelwell. How does one live with themselves, knowing that it could have been avoided. If you were obeying the speed limit, maybe they would have a chance to escape your Bumper. My question about all this bad Driving is after each near miss did you not learn anything. I purposefully ask this question to the woman who critically injured the fifteen years old Girl on her Bicycle on Trinity Blvd three Months ago. Every Day I pass the intersection I look for the invisible skid marks of your Tires. Trinity Blvd is a 50 MPH Road, 70 is the norm, as you can see winding out the RPM is an Epidemic and that’s why you have these great numbers of Fatalities. The average Person sees these numbers and they don’t mean anything to them, until their Vehicles are laying upside down and I am pulling their infant child from the vehicle after they have pulled themselves to safety leaving the Child behind. Do you feel good about yourself now, Driving like a Maniac all your Life, and now you just narrowly escaped extinguishing your entire family.

The Driver of this Maserati killed himself and his two young Sons, his Wife severely injured.

They say if it isn’t broken don’t fix it. My fellow Drivers I am telling you it is broken. The way you Drive screams “Broken” There are too many bad Actors behind the Wheel, the Statistics bear me out.

Car accidents remain a very serious problem in the Florida Suncoast and throughout the wider United States. The CDC reports that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of accident-related emergency room trips. Each year, more than 33,000 Americans are killed in crashes.

The state of Florida releases its official car accident statistics once every year. The most recent release from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles covers the year or 2015. During that time period, there were:

374,342 total accidents;

243,316 reported injuries; and

2,939 confirmed fatalities.

Alarmingly, these figures represent a significant increase in both accidents and injuries when compared to the last several years. More specifically, car accident injuries were up by nearly eight percent when compared to 2014. The numbers for total accident fatalities were even more alarming; car accident deaths were up by a startling 17.84 percent. To put these figures into perspective: More people were injured in Florida car accidents in 2015 than in any year since 1996. A long-term trend of reduced accident risk appears to have turned around. While part of the problem is explained by an increase in the total number vehicle miles driven in the state, that does not explain the entirety of the issue. Other factors, such as increased distracted driving, due to the Excessive use of cell phones, definitely contributed to the numbers.

This is Rush Hour on Ulmerton Road

Drunk Driving Also Remains a Major Problem

Intoxicated driving, including both drunk driving and drugged driving, is responsible for a highly disproportionate share of serious Florida highway accidents. In 2015, there were more than 16,000 DUI crashes in Florida. These accidents led to nearly 11,000 injuries and more than 500 fatalities. Since moving to Florida four years ago there have been at least ten wrong way crashes within a twenty five miles radius of my House. All were Alcohol related, causing many Fatalities. It’s not bad enough that many have no Insurance and revoked Licenses they were persistent offenders. While alcohol and drugs are a factor in less than four percent of all auto accidents, these substances are a factor in more than 16 percent of fatal crashes. The reason for this is clear: Drunk driving accidents often occur at high speeds, and they are more likely to involve exceptionally dangerous behavior. If you were injured by a drunk driver, you need to contact a qualified attorney immediately. Under Florida law, you may be entitled to recover punitive damages. These damages are meant to punish the extremely reckless behavior of the bad-acting party.

The other Day I watched a Video about Teenage Murders who received stiff Sentences such as Life. They all broke down screaming for Mercy. Where were their sense of Mercy when they struck the Fatal Blow or pulled the Trigger. People who Committed Vehicular Homicide should be delt with severely. When I lived in Pennsylvania a young Man I became acquainted with through his Family. Had a long History of Driving intoxicated, he spent years in Prison for his Indiscretions. That did not put the Fear of God in Him. Eventually one Day Driving under the Influence he Killed an EMT Personnel in a Head On Crash, I believe the Judge gave him seven years. Now that is a Travesty of Justice for taking the Life of someone who saves Lives. In my Book a Life Sentence is well Justified. Why? He is Hard Core he will get released and Kill someone else, even without a License. I am never going to stop beating the Drums about Bad Actors behind the Wheel, So if you are one don’t read my Blogs, go seek help, because bad Actors behind the Wheel are People screaming for Attention and Help. The World may be a Stage, not our Roadways.

Safe Driving

Where is The Fire



Moving From Pennsylvania to Tampa has been a culture shock for me. In PA we had regular Auto Insurance and yearly vehicle inspection. Tampa have no fault Insurance, sometimes no Insurance and no vehicle inspection. These are all catalyst for creating Horrendous Driving conditions and Dangerous Drivers. Knowing that collecting Tickets and Wrecks your Insurance Carriers won’t drop you or raise your Premiums sky high so you could not afford to collect Tickets and Wrecks there is no Deterrent for mindless Driving. Watching the Morning News is an ongoing Soap Opera for me, each and every day there are horrendous wrecks. Driving to and from Work is a reoccurring Horror Movie.



Considering that I have been to Driving University, Driving Taxi in Manhattan at eighteen, taking defensive Driving courses, Driving Courier Service and Drove Commercially for many years. There is nothing that Tampa or Daytona Raceway can throw at me that would overwhelm me. But what of the new Driver or the Seniors who needs their mobility to get to the Doctor or shopping. I can not put it in any stronger Words they are all Maniacs Mindless Drones behind the wheel. Who told these Fools that they know how to drive, when many of them never went to Driving School and had a Professional instructor like I did at sixteen, who told me to always drive like I am the only one on the Road who knew what I was doing and to always know my surroundings, also to back off from the maniac on his way to Hell thinking his name is Mario or Dale.



The time and effort my Driving instructor invested in me is the Foundation for my Safe Driving Page at the other components are watching your mindless approach to Driving. Back in PA while working as a Contract Employee I knew the Project Manager so I got a Friend a job. You would think that having two hungry kids would be incentive to develop responsibility. There was not one day that I pulled up in front of his House that he was outside waiting for me. Each and everyday we had an argument over my Driving, he complained that I Drive like an old Woman because I wouldn’t do sixty in a thirty MPH Zone. Eventually we both got fired for being late everyday.



Which brings us back to Responsibility, No fault and no vehicle inspection makes the Commute a living Hell with people who think it’s a crime to wake up a half an hour early. They wreck havoc an the traffic patterns Barreling through a slight opening, changing lanes with reckless abandon, staying in the left Lane until they are within fifty yards of their exit Ramp expecting everyone to let them in, thus Road Rage is a daily occurrence. In conclusion let me interject that it is only a Fool that does things the same way for twenty five years looking for different results.