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Jackass Driving

Jackass Driving

Jackasses Driving is a practiced way of Driving. It’s a total disregard for safety, it’s breaking all the rules, it’s the mindless operation of a Vehicle. Jackass Driving is always Driving too fast, someone with a point to prove, that they are as good or better than Dale Earnhardt. Dale was my favorite Driver, he was calculating but he took too many risks and in the end caused his Demise. I guess that if you are a Professional Racecar Driver and you don’t take risks, you don’t win 🏁 Races. Driving like a Racecar Driver on our Roadways is nothing short of Flight of Fancies, a lost of reasons and reality. My first Job out of High School was Driving Taxi in Manhattan, that was a proving ground for Jackass Driving. I once covered the Distance of the Island in half an Hour in Rush Hour Traffic. That is Jackass Driving at it’s best, cops and EMT Drivers can’t do that.

I Booked an average of six Hundred Dollars Daily. It didn’t take me long to realize that I had to quit Driving like that if I wanted to keep my License. Keeping your License shouldn’t be the only motivation to Drive in a Civilized manner. Always weaving Traffic, Barreling through the slightest opening and always taking risks goes against the Fundamental principles of safe Driving. Highway Driving brings out the best in me,  that is where I Drive by the Book, Traveling at 70-80 MPH there are no second chances. In High Speed Driving vehicles Disintegrate, burst in Flames and sometimes ejects the entire Seat from the Vehicle, Driver and all. So I ask you why would someone take the Antics of City Driving onto the Highway, Driving like a Pizza Delivery Driver, to be more precise Driving like a Jackass.

Once I drove nine hundred miles to the Carolinas. On the way back I gave the Wheel to a Family Member to avoid the fatigue of Driving the Roundtrip. Never in my life have I experienced Anxiety and Stress than sitting in that Passenger Seat waiting to Die. He passed everything on I 75 all the way to New York, he made Chicken Salad out of the Traffic for nine hundred miles. If the Traffic flow was 80MPH he weaved his way through to the next traffic flow of 90MPH weaved his way through sometimes up to 100. Thirty years later I still ask myself where is the Fire and why didn’t I jumped from the Vehicle. That my friend is Jackass Driving at it’s best. Many times I thought about slapping him in the Head but that would only hurry our Demise. My Nerves were so shot I could have had a minor accident of my own in the passenger seat that needed to be Shampooed.

That was the last time I Drove with him, there were other family gatherings where we showed up in separate Vehicles. That is absolutely sad how many Maniacs like him are out there putting Lives at risk on a Daily basis. It never occurred to them that this type of Driving is Deadly until it’s too late. It was early afternoon, I was traveling on Rockaway Blvd behind Kennedy Airport. I came upon an Accident Scene that was like nothing I had ever seen before.  There were two halves of a Vehicle and a Lightpole separating them. Eyewitness accounts that the Vehicle was traveling in excess of 100MPH in a 45MPH Zone when it found the Lightpole, all four occupants were ejected, no survivors.

The bad part about all this is that I have witnessed so many Highway Fatalities in my lifetime, not reading about them, I should be Laying on a Couch and being prescribed Valium. Yet people would read my Blogs about safe Driving and go out there and becoming statistics of their own. That is the thing about Driving that I will never understand, people will take criticism about everything except their Driving, if you think I am lying the next time you are a Passenger, say to the Driver please slow Down. I have said that to one of my friends and he became Irate, yet I am not the one who Rolled the Vehicle on an exit Ramp. Jackass Driving is an Epidemic.

Four years old

When I moved to Florida I thought that Floridians were the worst Drivers in the World. Then I realized that there are few true Floridians, they all moved here from somewhere else. Which brings me to the stark reality that Jackass Driving is a World wide problem. People who can’t cross the street safely are behind the wheel thinking that their name is Dale. People who can’t multitask in the Kitchen without cutting off a finger, these same People are out here Driving like a Jackass, while multitasking on the Android, Heaven help us all. If I didn’t appreciate my Driving Privilege of Driving to the Beaches, my secret Hideaways and my Doctor who is thirty miles away, I would surrender My License and never sit on the Gray Leather of my second Love ever again. Every day she leaves the Driveway I have to drive like Jedi Pilot to bring her back Home in one piece. Four years old and still in showroom condition,  My goal is to pass my Verano down to my Son. Buick decided to discontinue one of the best Cars they ever made, being cost-effective. In my Neck of the Woods Tampa, Jackass Drivers Rules, eighteen to eighty eight, they all drive like Jackasses on their way to a Fire.

Life, Safe Driving

Killing Children

Bad Drivers

Being Gas Happy all the time is a macho thing that many Women have fallen into. It is a deadly approach to Driving with serious consequences. Those consequences played out Two Days ago in my neck of the Woods, when bad Parents made accessible to two Adolescents of twelve and nine what I call a toy Motorcycle. It’s not a Scooter or a Motorcycle, however it is motorized. On a lonely dark stretch of Rural Road the Tragedy of leaving your kids unsupervised struck Home. A twelve years old Girl and her nine years old sister was struck and Killed by a Driver who claimed that he didn’t see them in the Dark.

This is the third Blog that I am writing about people getting mowed down by Mindless Drones behind the Wheel who have killed or seriously injured people claiming that they didn’t see them. If your Headlights are working and you are not Driving at Breakneck speed you can see a Rabbit crossing the Road at twelve Am. I have always enjoyed living in a Rural or semi Rural settings. One night on my way home I was clocking 60 in a 50 MPH zone. I always travel ten MPH Over the limit to avoid the clutter of Sunday Drivers in the middle of the week.

Any way it was past twelve a.m. on a semi Rural strip of road. It was like this Racoon timed me to within twenty feet, then decided to test my agility, by crossing in such short distanceof my front Tires. I saved his Life, so will someone tell me how this Driver didn’t see the two Girls on a mini Motorcycle. If you are fidgeting with the Android while being gas happy, an eight hundred pounds Bear on a Scooter doesn’t stand a chance. Over the years I have saved the lives of scores of small and Big Animals such as Bears and Deers.

After each occurrence I felt that I have done my Job as an accomplished Motorist, you noticed I didn’t say Driver. There are many Vehicle Operators, many Drivers, very few Motorists and way  less accomplished Motorists who goes out there each day with one main Objective, saving Lives. I have been that way for fifty years and I have saved at least one person’s life and at least five Critters lives annually, you do the Math. When I lived in Pennsylvania I always Belly Ache that they didn’t spend my Tax Dollars on Highway Safety. You could drive for miles without seeing one Streetlight, when a Road is cut straight through the Wilderness, you certainly will encounter Bears and Deers crossing the Road regularly.

Lewis was six five and weighed three hundred pounds. Before a Deer came crashing through his Windshield, knocking him out of the Driver’s seat almost into the Trunk, he was just another Driver who thought being Focused and Adept behind the Wheel, was too much like work and took the fun out of Driving. Let me tell you it’s no fun when a Pregnant Woman walk mindlessly into the side of your Van and get knocked to the ground, You blame yourself for not looking out for the poor Fool. Thank God she suffered not a scratch.

It’s another matter running over and Killing two kids on a dark Road, all because you never took the time to absorb the Driving Manual which states that you can travel with your High Beam within 300ft of the oncoming Vehicle. I am willing to Bet that 50% of the Drivers out there don’t know of that rule, and another 50% don’t know 50% of the other safety rules in the Manual. But guess what they are all Hotdogs behind the Wheel gas-happy and all.

  Then one day the Tragedy of running over a twelve years and her nine years old sister come knocking at your Door. All because they didn’t know any better, neither did their Parents for letting them go riding at night on a poorly lit Road. Worse of all you the Driver was not looking out for the other Guy. Way too many Idiots out there that doesn’t believe that it is their responsibility to always be on the lookout for others screwing up. Keep your Remorse and sympathy, those two Children needed your vigilance, Adept and being Focused behind the Wheel, not acting like a Bobblehead even if you are a Teenager.

Those of you who read my safe Driving Blogs probably think that I am fabricating these numbers of Fatalities. Since I moved here to the Tampa Area five years ago there are no less than 100 fatalities that I am aware of. I drove in N.Y. and Pennsylvania for fifty years and never heard of fifty Fatalities. Hello ! Yet people take offense when someone like me comes along and tell you that your Driving Sucks. I have been watching you for fifty years and you don’t get any better. Where as I myself have advanced to Jedi status. Am I the only one out here that believe it is my responsibility to look out for the other Guy, especially Babies and Fools.

Safe Driving

Beating The Drums

Visible Scars of careless Driving

As I have stated over and again I will never stop writing about safe Driving. Why? People don’t listen, they never learn from other people’s catastrophe. Every morning I turn on the News, not to hear about World Politics or Local Government Bickering. I watch the News to find out who is the latest victim of careless Driving. In my neck of the woods, Tampa Florida careless Drivers rules. There is hardly a day goes by when a Pedestrian, a Bicyclists, a Motorcyclists or a Driver don’t lose their Lives or mangled for Life. I would imagine it’s the same in many Metropolitan Cities in the World.

I don’t know if those of you who read my Safe Driving Blogs noticed that I am strictly Hard Core Doomsday. The reason for that is, I am trying to Scare you to Live and save Lives. In my Neck of the Woods, the past weekend was a killing spree for Motorists. At least four people lost their lives, even though it may have been six. One poor soul in a motorized Wheelchair crossing the Street,  will never see his loved ones on this side of life anymore. Thanks to one of my Neighbors who thought my Blogs about mindless Creatures behind the Wheel didn’t pertain to them. I call you crude Names because I am trying to shock you into reality that Driving is far more serious than the average Driver takes it.

Even if you are not reckless as the average Bobblehead, you need to take your Driving to the next Level when it comes to conscientiousness and being astute. The reason for that is that the Lord looks out for Babies and Fools. Sometimes he is busy and he relies on you to pick up the slack. My Driving Instructor told me that the hardest thing about driving was looking out for the other Guy. If you don’t think that’s a full time job when you are behind the Wheel, you are part of the problem. There are Professionals out there such as Truckers, E.M.T. Firefighters and Cops who causes Fatalities also.  One month ago a Sheriff’s Deputy in an unmarked vehicle, no Siren ran over and killed a Teenager.

This weekend less than one mile from my House an E.M.T Ambulance ran over a Bicyclist who wasn’t equipped with any safety Reflectors. To me that’s irrelevant. When I lived in Pennsylvania during Deer hunting season the Hunters would go Hunting deep into the Woods, scaring the Deers out of their Habitat into City Streets and Highways. Many people lost their lives not having what I call Cat’s Eyes, Cats see very well in the dark. During Deer Season you have to be totally focused or a Deer could come flying through your Windshield. All my life I have been Driving like it’s Deer Season and I have saved many lives, including children chasing their Balls into busy Roadways.

Back in my neck of the woods victim number three crossing in the middle of the Block intoxicated didn’t know what hit her, she felt no pain, it was instantaneous. The Driver has to live with the painful memories of the hidden Scars of careless Driving. Victim number four also a Pedestrian who stepped off the Curb in front of someone who took his Driving Galavantingly and probably had the Cell in hand. Victim number five never left the Curb. Do you think I do this because I have nothing better to do than writing about these dreadful occurrences of mindlessl Driving. I do this because I am trying to create a new Breed of Drivers whose goal is to reduce the fatality Statistics.

I have been Driving many years, I have had many opportunities to become part of the Statistics and choose otherwise by embedding the words of my Driving Instructor into my Brain. ” Drive like you are the only one out there that knows what you are doing”. I don’t know about you but I take criticism seriously, it brings out the best in me. When I was a new Driver and my Mother was my Passenger. Whenever I became Gas Happy, she would ask me where was the fire. Many people don’t fare well with criticism, especially about their Driving. Most People pass the Road Test and believe that passing the Road Test makes them an accomplished Driver.

Two months ago two Kids with new Licenses choose to Drag Race each other in Celebration of Graduating High School. The outcome was devastating. A young Woman pushing a Stroller crossing the Street was mowed down, both her and her Infant Child died. There are too many people on the Road who have a point to prove, that they are Racecar Drivers. Those are the Dangerous ones. They are as bad as Impaired or Distracted Drivers. If you have a point to prove, get involved in Politics, Driving is not the Place. My Car does 170 M.P.h. in the hands of a Fool that is a Dangerous Weapon. Once Traveling U.S. 19 at twelve O’clock at night I came upon an Accident Scene. A car was Impelled on a Iight pole twenty feet in the air, the Driver was doing 100 in a forty five MPH Zone,I looked up at the car and said to myself, Point well taken, speed kills.

Life, Safe Driving

The “Hidden Scars”of Careless Driving — Saguache Today

After Driving Commercially for many years, my hidden Scars are so deep, many Nights I have Nightmares. That’s why when I chose to stop Blogging about everything else, I will never stop Blogging about Safe Driving. Or whenever I come across Gut-wrenching Articles about Safe Driving to reblog them.  One of my reoccurring Nightmares occurred over forty years ago. It was early Winter, Daytime Weather was deceptive. Once the Sun disappeared the Temperature dropped dramatically. Six O’clock you knew it was Winter.
I was Traveling a configuration of Traffic where the Long Island Expressway intersects the Vanwycke Expressway. It was raining lightly, Icing was developing on the Roadway. A careless Driving Driving a Jaguar crossed six Lanes of Traffic, cut me off within one car-length, then took his foot off the gas. In order not to rear end him, with the touch of a Feather I veered slightly away from him. The Road was so Slick I lost control. I sideswiped five other Vehicles, spun around five or six times, ripped up twenty five yards of Guardrail, crashed through the Guardrail into the opposing Lanes and got Nailed by the first Car in the speed Lane. The Car was Totaled, but the Nightmares had just begun. Every Day I am out there I see Mindless People thinking that Driving is big Fun until Lives are lost, then they start acting Remorseful. Save your Remorse for Confessions and show a little consideration for Life.

By Trooper Gary Cutler, Colorado State Patrol Each month I usually write about topics to help you and your families stay safe on the roadways. This month I would like to touch on why that is so important. There is a hidden scar that goes on under the radar of public perception. So this time, […]

The “Hidden Scars”of Careless Driving — Saguache Today
Safe Driving

Distracted Driving

I have been Driving for fifty years and I never realized how Dangerous Distracted Driving was. Over( 20,000) Thousand People loose their Lives Yearly. I am a Driving Enthusiast who enjoy Driving 1100 miles one way but after connecting to the Link below and watching the Video, I am just about ready to quit Driving or get a five Ton Vehicle to protect myself from People using their Androids at 65 MPH. On the Video link below over 150 people caught on Camera using their Cells on a Roadway where the average speed is 70 MPH.


Please click on the link below, watch the Video and let me know if I am Paranoid for no reason.