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Fell Asleep At The Wheel


Nikolas Cruz
Killed 17 fellow Students



Fell Asleep At The Wheel

Several Months ago I wrote a Blog about Inept People in the workplace that Blog is still pending. Over the past couple of Months I have been following the Story about Nikolas Cruz, he is a young Man with a Troubled past who had sent his Guardians, his friends, his School and the world messages, even on Facebook that he was a stick of Dynamite waiting to Blow. No one read the Signals, one Day the Powder keg Blew. On February 14 2018 Cruz went to School carrying what was visibly a Rifle Bag, I am just about certain that the School Monitor told Authorities that he saw the Bag and identified it as a Rifle Bag. The Monitor’s failure to approach Cruz and ask him to open the Bag was just one Fatal piece of the series of ineptness of all involved, that allowed Cruz to carry out an Act of Terrorism on his fellow Classmates and Faculty members.


The Troubled Youth went inside Majory Stoneman Douglas High School and Killed seventeen of his fellow Students and Staff Members, he also injured seventeen others. While the Massacres unfolded there was an Armed Sheriff Deputy on the Campus Grounds that made no attempt to enter the Building to minimize the Carnage. Did I mention Ineptness and Cowardness, at twelve years old I was a Man of action. One Day while playing in the Schoolyard one of my Classmates fell on a broken Bottle severing his Wrist 90%. My fellow Classmates gathered panick strickened and watched his Life flowing away from his Body, I immediately jumped into action taking off my Belt making a Tourniquet, applying it to his Forearm tightening and Loosening it until the Ambulance came.



The Medics told me that I saved his Life. That’s who I have been all my Life, someone who could spot Danger and wasn’t afraid to jump right into a Dangerous situation to save Lives. All the People involved in the Majory Stoneman Massacre kept a Hands off Stance. His close friends knew he had access to Dangerous Weapons while Harboring  bad Temperaments towards his fellow Classmates, the only Parity to be drawn is ” Friends don’t let Friends Drive Drunk” no one lift a Finger to Alert Authorities of the Ticking Time Bomb. The School also fell asleep at the Wheel, there were numerous Documents of Antisocial Behaviour and of fighting and Threatening, even on Facebook.




The Warning Signals were Louder than 100 Kids in the Hallways, yet no one heard, did I mention Ineptness, if you have a Child that enjoys Torturing and Killing Lizards and small Animals “Ding Dong” is there someone at the Door, na just my imagination. Cruz have been acting out for a Long time, his Guardian slept the entire Trip, so did his Friends The School, the School Monitor and the Deputy on Duty. In many of my Blogs I have stated that there are many People  who are Parents and Guardians that should  not be allowed to care for Dogs and Cats. In one of my earlier Blogs Titled Fatherless Homes it is Documented that 90% of Social upheavals comes from these Homes I have said it over and again, putting a Roof over their Heads and food on the Table is not all there is to Parenting.



I’m somewhat of an Authority on Problematic Teens, at fourteen I smoked Weed and drank Beer regularly. Many Nights my Mother worked overtime and she got Home before I did, stumbling in after a hard Day of Partying, one morning I came stumbling in five A.M. peeping out of three Eyes. I took years off that poor woman’s life, can you imagine working all Day, coming Home and not seeing your sixteen years old child for almost twenty four Hours. My Mother was a Caring Loving Person she never once abused any of her Children, that Day I had pushed her to her Limits. She stayed up all Night to Exercise the little Minion called Me, if I ever returned.



She Lay waited me behind the Door with a Broomstick and dropped me to my Knees, that was the last time I tried to Undermine her, that Assault Taught me that Laws weren’t made to be broken by some dumb Kid on a Runaway Train. If the Courts had gotten whiff of her trying to Crippled me, she would have been in Jail and I would have been free to Run Amok on Society. I gave that Woman Insomnia, she never once fell asleep at the Wheel. Today fifty years later I am still thankful for her taking control and being the Responsible Party. Every Day I awake I give God thanks for giving me a Vigilant Parent who refused to sleep. The People that I was Partying with were Devious People, all the while me thinking they were cool Adults allowing a Kid to hang with them.



They had ulterior Motives, they were Grooming me to sell their products. Mother didn’t fall asleep at the Wheel, she didn’t know the who, what, where and why but she knew something was wrong. Today I am here to tell Parents of Problematic Teens don’t go to sleep. Mother told me a Story fifty years ago, up to Today I still think that she was pulling my Leg. She said there once was a young Man awaiting Execution, his Mother came to say goodbye, he called her close to the Bars as if to whisper in her Ear. To the Mother’s surprise he Bit her Ear off telling her” that’s for not telling me that I couldn’t get away with Murder” true or false I got the Message.

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The Speed Bug



The. Speed Bug

Today I wake up to the News that two Highway Murders were going on Trial for taking the Lives of a young Mother and her Infant Child one year ago. Those two Egomaniacs were Racing on a Public Street at speeds over 100 MPH in the middle of the Day, the young Woman was pushing the Stroller while crossing the Street. Wheather or not she was crossing with the Light they didn’t have a chance, this was an illfated Day for the Victims. The two Oxi-morons were probably allowed to post Bonds and go on living their miserable Lives. Drag Racing is been around since Moonshine Running which gave Birth to NASCAR Racing, what is new is the B***h attitude that everyone has in my neck of the Woods when they get behind the Wheel. It doesn’t matter if the Vehicle is thirty years old and poorly maintained People around the Tampa area runs their Vehicles hard with Reckless Abandon and they all posses the B attitude. What they are trying to prove or to whom behooves me, Driving cross-country Commercially and on Leisure Trips I have noticed that the B attitude is of Epidemic porpotion. Road Rage is the offspring of this Attitude, from seventy five to seventeen the Attitude prevails, it doesn’t matter whether they are Educated, Professionals, Men or Women the Attitude Rules our Roadways.



That’s what separates a Motorist from the Crowd, a Motorist cares for and about his Vehicle and it’s operations, he also cares for his fellow Drivers by always exercising Courtesy and caution. I had the Best Driving Instructor, he told me to always drive like I was the only one on the Road that knows what I am doing, yet he never mentioned anything about being a good Motorist, there is a difference between Motorists” Drivers and vehicle operators. Vehicle Operators have minimum skills, with continuous learning they become good Drivers, a Motorist knows the Dynamics of a Vehicle, it’s capabilities and inadequacies in different Weather conditions and operations. 



There is no doubt in my Mind that those two Highway Murders didn’t know that at 110 MPH, on a dry Road with good brakes, the Vehicle will skid 340 feet more before stopping. This distance combined with perception and reaction time and distance means you need about 600 feet to stop a Vehicle traveling at 110. MPH and even more with a Pickup Truck. Forget about all the Technical stuff what about Contingencies, it was a clear Day with good weather conditions traveling Amsterdam Ave in Manhattan, I was going five miles over the Speed limit. Out of the Blue a four years old Child chased his Ball into the Street in front of me. Forty years later I still don’t give myself credit for saving his Life, I stopped within six inches of the Child, if the Car had rocked forwards the Catastrophe would have been all mine.





That is what being a good Motorist is all about, saving Lives. Being a good Motorist is a practiced way of Driving knowing that whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Taking all into consideration, why would I go Racing my thirty seven Thousand Dollars Plastic and Fiberglass Heap through City Streets, my Car is surrounded with Censors, yet I operate the Vehicle as if there were none. Many years ago while traveling the Vanwycke Highway in Queens, it was early afternoon, I was traveling at 65 ten miles over the Speed limit. Two Brand New Cars blew my Doors off doing 80 +, two hundred yards ahead of me they simultaneously decided to enter the middle Lane, slamming together they littered the Roadway in front of me.





I narrowly escaped being part of the Catastrophe by Driving on the Grassy Shoulder, I didn’t stop, there was nothing I could do they needed a Priest. With all the Hands on experience why wouldn’t I strive to be the best Motorist that I can be, and why shouldn’t you. Many Nights I travel the Bayside Bridge at twelve Am, nowhere else in the Tampa area is it more evident that Mindless Drones rules the Roadways, 100+ is not an occasional occurrence, when someone is Barreling towards me I move two Lanes away from them. I believe that the two Mindless Drones that killed the young Mother was exiting a Bridge onto a quiet Street. I see their faces on Television and Moron is written all over them. And so in conclusion don’t be a Moron, Drive like your Life and others depends on your good senses.





Incidentally they had just Graduated High School, I know they didn’t have the Money to buy Hot Mustangs. At seventeen my first decent Car came off a used Lot with money earned from working part time, buying my first Car and getting insurance with my own Money taught me Responsibility. Buying your Kids brand new Cars knowing that they are irresponsible, (no one knows a Child more than a Parent) puts the blame for that young Mother’s and Infant’s Death in your Lap. Buying expensive Toys don’t fill the Void of being a Parent.

P.S.  Once again speed kills.

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Belly Of The Beast




When I started Blogging I Developed a Website called Saving Kids I lost the Domain because of my failure to register the Domain Name properly. My intention for the Site was to reach out to Problematic Teens and their Beleaguered Parents, in hope to change the life of just one young person heading down the Road that I traveled during my Turbulent Teen. I started on a self destructive Path before I was fourteen I was a Thrill seeker, at thirteen I tinkered with Explosives by Dismantling Shotgun Shells and re-packaged them for a bigger Bang, Stole Expensive Racehorses and ran them on Blacktop till they were Tenderfooted, they were finished as Racehorses, Victor and I would sneak than back under the cover of darkness.



One day Victor went on a mission without me, he got caught the owner beat him with a Bullwhip shredding his Shirt and his Skin. I saw him running down the street passing my House I called to him, he was a Hair away from being stark staring mad, that cured my Horse Rustling days. Victor came from a good Family, my Mother was a good Christian Woman who tried to instill good values, yet we defied our Parents and chose to be Bad. There were absolutely no reason for us to be clueless Rebels. Just turned fourteen and there are two Teenage Gunmen  looking for me for savagely beating their Kid Brother who was two years older than I was. The Gunmen died in a hail of Bullets crashing a Gang Party that I had planned to attend. I viewed their open Caskets with their faces dimpled with Bullets, that cured me from wanting to be a Badass. if we had continued on that path we would have been Dead before twenty one.


I moved away from Victor before my fifteenth Birthday, that was the best thing for both of us, we were each other’s alter ego. That move brought me to a House where all the Children of a Model Family were involved in Drugs. The Twelve years Baby got me smoking weed with him, I was cursed with bad association, can you imagine a twelve and fourteen years old smoking the Best Strains from around the World. You think that’s bad, one year ago in my Neighborhood of Tampa Florida three kids fourteen, fifteen and sixteen lost their lives in a fiery crash at speed over 100MPH after stealing Cars from Lots and playing Tag.


These three kids just brought the numbers up close to fifteen, dead and Buried, Girls included, all in Pinellas County. This Blog is for the Kids of Pinellas County it will be Posted on Facebook. I was once a big Thrill seeker who should have been Dead before fifteen but I had a guardian Angel called Mom, she never gave up on me and that made all the difference in the world to shape the rest of my Life. Her patience with my bad behavior gave me time to wakeup from the Nightmare Life I was living and to realize that Prison Life was for Fools, someone who doesn’t have one live Brain cell in his Head. It isn’t a place where a Vagrant should lay their Head, I would rather sleep under a Bridge in the Dead of Winter instead of a warm Cell with some Man Sodomizing me. If you survive Prison you won’t survive the Diseases passed around in there, if you survive the Diseases found in there, Early Death is inevitable at the hands of your associations.


Having a Rational and figurative mind helps in making the choice of how your Life begins or ends, but as the saying goes “its all mind over matter and if you have no mind it doesn’t matter”. Again with the sayings “its your Life you can make Chicken Salad or Chicken Shit out of it”. My Mother was Sweet and Sour, she gave me a Timeline to turn over a new Leaf or chose a Cot in a Juvenile Detention Center, that’s tough Love to protect Society from me and myself from me. Juvenile Delinquency is of Epidemic proportions in this Country and many places like Venezuela. In America there is hardly a need for Kids to turn to Crime to survive, if their Parents can’t provide for them Welfare steps in.




As Venezuela’s two presidents face off, children scavenge for food and soldiers run out of patience


Places like Venezuela they have bad Economy, no Jobs and no Welfare, the Parents can’t find work the Kids are hungry, so as early as eleven they are inducted into Gang Life, a Refuge from the brutality of Poverty, now they become the Bread Winner. My Mother was a good Provider I had zero reason to become attracted to the Underground lifestyle that I chose, 100% Dead end. They say that Crime doesn’t Pay, Bull, The Lawyers make out like Bandits Judges make three figures Salary to send you away for long portions of your life, The Misdemeanor Fines are enough to Finance a Prison on every Block. I work in a Justice System, with one Misdemeanor I wouldn’t have the Job.



The massive Courthouse Complex a five Hundred Million Dollar Building stands in front of a Billion Dollars Prison Complex. If you can’t afford to buy your way out like OJ did, this is your new Home for a long time. The Walls are Thick with small Windows yet I hear the Screams of Frustration and Abuse. My God I am a Genius for keeping my Nose clean growing up in the Bronx running with the wrong Crowd. This is my Bronx Tale. I would say that 75% of the People I knew at Thaft H.S. on 172nd St, walking Distance to the Streets where the Bronx Tale occurred, are in Prison, on Drugs or Dead. God snatched me from the Belly of the Beast, He gave me the strength to stand Tall. All my life I wondered why he saved me from the Beast and kept me alive.


Today I know why, it’s to tell all you young Brothers and Sisters under Lockdown, that you also can rise above your Bronx Neighborhoods to be where I am now. He kept me alive long enough to collect some of the half a Million in my Social Security Fund, good Health and Strength to still be Working while collecting, Drive Bad Rides and live in an Affluent Community. I never got Rich because I was smart enough to turn down every offers from Drug Lords, one offered me five Thousand a week at twenty one, one offered to front me ten Thousand Dollars of uncut Cocaine monthly, no upfront money. If I stepped on it five times that worked out to fifty Thousand Monthly. The last time I saw my Best friend from High School he was running from the F.B.I. From the Bronx to Compton to Caracas Venezuela, I am telling you Kids its not worth it. Prison is like living in the Belly of the Beast. And so in conclusion let me say to you little Tough Guys out there, you are not Tough until you are Tough enough to see the Light, Tough enough to make changes in your Life, it’s easy to stay stupid all your Life. Frank and Jessie James were Tough Guys. Mark was a Tough Guy, his wife a Sharpshooter shot and killed him at fifty yards claiming it was an Accident, while having an affair with his Brother. Hector was well Built, he crossed three High School Football Players, they beat him to Death with their Fists, when these three Tough Guys were caught they whimpered like little Girls knowing that they were going to Prison for a long time. Aaron Hernandez was a Tough Guy he Shot many People killed one, he was tough to the end when he committed Suicide. Are you Tough enough.


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It’s Only A Tool




My Cousin Constance was a Great Seamstress and Designer, there is no Doubt in my mind that if she had lived long enough she would have been Branded. My Mother noticed that I had a Flair for Fashion so at eighteen she sent me to live with Connie when I squeaked through High School with no intention of going on to College. She wanted me to learn Fashion Design. It was there that I met a Man in her fitting Room that Shaped the rest of my Life. He was a Pioneer in Electronic Goods, one of the Founders of Radio Shack, his Net worth at that time was five Hundred Million. Other than John Gotfreund he was the most unpretentious Person That I have met in my Life.

Sure I was impressed sitting in the same Room conversing with someone of his Stature for over two Hours, he was well Versed in Matters of the World. We spoke about Politics, Religion, Money and Parenting. On Politics he quoted Twain ” always support your Country,  your Government only when it deserved it” he warned me of Nixon’s Downfall before Watergate, because he was unscrupulous. The Man was a Visionary and a Teacher he Bombarded my Mind with Quotations and Knowledge.  He told me that a Person’s greatest Assets weren’t a Head full of Knowledge, but a Heart full of Love an Ear ready to Listen and a Hand willing to help others, he also said that Money was only a Tool to do good things and not to Worship it.

He was a Man of his word, when his two Sons graduated College instead of making them Vice-presidents and giving them offices on the twenty six floor in his Conglomerate, he started them at the Bottom. He gave them Jobs working in his Road Construction Company Laying Blacktop in Texas 115 Degrees Weather. I was startled by that information, I thought to be Cruel and unjust to do to College Educated Men, I questioned why. His response I didn’t want them to develop Rock Star’s Mentality and Pissed my hard work away, also to teach them the value of a Dollar. I was blown away with his Parenting Skills, he said that most Men can stand Adversity but if you want to test a Man’s Character give him Power, out of the Mouth of Lincoln.

Talking with this Man for two Hours was the equivalent to writing the Thesis on how to live the rest of my Life. Things didn’t workout with my Cousin,  I returned to New York only to be bombarded with offers from Criminal elements, at twenty one I turned down an offer to make five thousand Dollars a week working for Organized Crime. How many kids from the Bronx could resist an offer like that,  six months before I went to Texas I would have taken the offer.

Two years earlier I introduced my cousin to a Man, working for him my Cousin became very Wealthy, caught five Bullets and did fifteen years in Prison. With all the advice of how to live and not to Worship Money, today I am alive and never spent one Day in Prison telling young Wannabes that Money isn’t everything. Today I work in a Justice System I see fourteen years old coming to Court and getting Remanded, not going home for a long time. At fourteen I had Connections that made local Drug Dealers envious of a Kid. Drug Dealers have always targeted Juveniles to do their Bidding. In Venezuela kids as young as twelve years old are Hitmen and Gang Members chasing the Buck. Many Days I sit in the Hallways of the Courthouse and ponder what can I do to make an impact on just one of these young people who are being inducted into the System. A week ago I got my answer, Emanuel Donaldson popped on my Website, he was Arrested for committing four Murders in Tampa. I wrote a Blog titled Knowing the Signs where I mentioned him, that means that young Men in Prison are taking a look at my Life, knowing that they are a lot like I was. Only difference is I made the right choices and was rewarded with my Freedom. To all you young People under Lockdown let this Blog be the Compass to the rest of your life, living Pac’s Life is short lived, all the Money he made will be spent by by others who probably was involved in his Demise. Once again let me tell you Money is only a Tool it’s not worth Dying for. Over the years I became a firm Believer that there are no chance meetings and that Devine Intervention do exist. Parting Words, do not teach your Kids to Worship Money.

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You can hire someone to drive a car for you, make money for you – but you can not rent someone to carry your disease for you. One can find material things, but there is one thing that can not be found when it is lost – “life”.

Treat yourself well, and cherish others. As we get older we are smarter, and we slowly realize that the watch is worth $ 30 or $ 300 – both of which show the same time.

Whether we carry a purse worth $ 30 or $ 300 – the amount of money in the wallets are the same. Whether we drive a car worth $ 150,000, or a car worth $ 30,000 – the road and distance are the same, we reach the same destination.

If we drink a bottle worth $ 300 or wine worth $ 10 – the “stroller” will be the same.

If the house we live in is 300 square meters, or 3000 square meters – the loneliness is the same.

Your true inner happiness does not come from the material things of this world. Whether you’re flying first class, or economy class – if the plane crashes, you crash with it.

So, I hope you understand that when you have friends or someone to talk to – this is true happiness!

Five Undeniable Facts-

1. Do not educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy. – So when they grow up they will know the value of things, not the price.

2. Eat your food as medicine, otherwise you will need to eat your medicine as food.

3. Whoever loves you will never leave you, even if he has 100 reasons to give up. He will always find one reason to hold on.

4. There is a big difference between being human and human being.

5. If you want to go fast – go alone! But if you want to go far – go together!

And in conclusion,

The six best doctors in the world.

1. Sunlight

2. Rest

3. Exercise

4. Diet

5. Self-confidence

6. Friends

Keep them in all stages of life and enjoy a healthy life.

“Love the people God sent you, one day he’ll need them back.”

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Billy Jean



Billy Jean

Most Kids are Born out of accidents, very few People are smart enough to implement Plan Parenthood techniques. The accident occurres when young People are testing the Waters of their sexuality, Instead of focusing on their Education and Careers, they can’t wait to prove that they are grown up and do all the stupid things that adults do such as Smoking, Drinking, doing Drugs and getting each other Knocked up. What happens between those experimental stages and them coming to grip with the stark reality of actually growing up, defines what they have learned from you of what Life in reality is truly about. Getting Pregnant while still being a Teenager robs you of a lot of things, your youth and youthfulness, Strech Marks and Stress knows no Age.



Putting off your Education for a year or two, many times dictates its end, sometimes out of necessity to care for the Child, so please explain to me the benefits of that moment’s pleasure. I hate to be so brutally frank but the Birds and the Bees do not work for me. When my Brother and I were Teenagers and becoming sexually active my Mother told us that when you’re out there feeling your Oats don’t forget to keep your Drawers up because I have raised you and I am not going to raise your indiscretions. He wasn’t listening to the Greatest Sex Talk that a single Mom was giving to her two Male Children, he became a father at seventeen without a Job, putting the burden on the Girl’s Parents.




When my Mother became Pregnant with her first Child her good Christian Parents ejected her from the family main Resistance into the one Room Guest Shack twenty five yards from the comfort of her Home. My Mother was the Ultimate Mother, she was practicing when she was still a Child helping her Mother care for her twelve other indiscretions, How Hypocritical. As the result of helping her Mother changing Diapers and preparing Meals she was taken out of School at an early age which robbed her of a formal Education, all she was afforded was the basics. With an above average intelligence she was forced to take a Domestic Position with a General’s Family.

The family saw the injustice perpetrated on her and decided to Home School her. They say Education make fools of those without Common Sense. Her Home Schooling and Common Sense allowed her to Rub Elbows with People who were way above her Menial Education such as Ships Captains and Doctors, she even turned down Marriage from a Doctor who didn’t believe in having Children around. Anyway we are talking about Children throwing away the rest of their lives for a moment’s Pleasure. With a College Degree in Economic she could lead a Third World country out of Poverty, with the little money she made people in School including Teachers thought we were Rich, she knew how to make a Dollar out of fifteen Cents.



I would like to quit talking about her but she was Brilliant with her Parenting Skills, I started going Bad early and she picked up on it early. Can you imagine the Dilemma for a single Mom who sent her Adolescent Son to Sunday School every Sunday finding an Ounce of High Quality Marijuana in her fourteen Years pocket while doing the Laundry. How she handled the situation was an Education for me to raise two Boys in New York City and never feared them using Drugs when it was everywhere around them. When she found my Weed she flushed it down the Toilet and gave herself a week to cool down instead of beating me into a Coma for letting her down. Once she cooled down and got over the blow that I had delt her. 

One Day out of the blue she told me that if I continued this Lifestyle she was going to put me in Juveniles Detention. Personally I think that was just a scare Tactic. Regardless the job she performed as a Drug Counselor was of PHD quality, telling me about the Gateway effects, Crime and Punishment to withdrawal from other Opiates, even though she was never a user her Knowledge was vast. Anyway that’s enough about her Parenting Skills we are talking about yours, for not talking to your Kids about the Dangers of being sexually active as Teenagers. You need to tell them that becoming a Parent changes their Lives forever, the Baby has to Eat even if you go to Bed hungry, the Baby needs Clothes even when there are holes in yours it needs Medical treatment when you have to take an Aspirin.

Having a Child is a life changing experience. My Grandma was a Puritanical Woman she never had the Talk that my Mother had with me at fifteen when I was looking up Girls Skirts, she said first you need an Education and a Job before you start making Babies there are too many Fatherless Homes out there. While working at the Resort on St Pete Beach I observed two fifteen years old Kids in the Kiddies Pool with Moves that told me they were having Sex regularly. Where were their Parents who bought the Plane Tickets and paid for the Hotel Rooms. Like T Sex said Bang a Gong get it on. I once met a Man who taught he was a Player, he bragged to me that he had twenty Kids, that’s just about as Hillbilly as this business of Sex gets. Fatherless Homes is an Epidemic in this Country. She said I am the one but the Kid is not my Son. Thank you Michael for the insight, Pac said it best ” Brenda is having A Baby the Girl can barely spell Her Name”.


P.S I know that there are some duplicate contents, but sometimes when you are trying to drive a point home you become repetitive.